Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Maryland, My Maryland

 Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair, Maryland Governor Calls for Border Closure After Rape, Murder of Mother of 5

What does it take for a Democratic governor of a blue state to finally abandon Joe Biden's open border policies and embrace tougher immigration control on the southern border? In the case of Governor Wes Moore of Maryland, it required the rape and murder of a beloved mother of five children. Rachel Morin was out hiking on a popular trail in Harford County, Maryland last summer when she was assaulted and killed. DNA evidence was collected at the scene and an investigation was launched. Last week, the culprit was discovered and arrested. Victor Martinez Hernandez is an illegal alien from El Salvador who was allowed into the United States last year despite being wanted for the murder of another woman in his home country. Wes Moore called a press conference alongside Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler where he blamed America's broken borders for this woman's horrific death and said that elected officials who allowed this to happen must bear the blame. (CBS News)
Maryland Gov. Wes Moore said on CBS News' Face The Nation on Sunday morning after the arrest of an undocumented immigrant that Maryland mother Rachel Morin should still be alive and is calling for immigration reform.

Victor Martinez Hernandez, 23, was captured at a bar in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Friday after being wanted for murder in the country for nearly a year.

"My heart is broken for the Morin family, as is our entire state," Moore said. "She should still be here."
Victor Hernandez may be the new poster child for Joe Biden's open border policies. Not only was he already wanted for assaulting and murdering another woman in his home country, but he has been additionally charged with assaulting a 9-year-old girl and her mother in Los Angeles in March of this year. He is, in short, a monster. Yet he was able to enter our country illegally in March of last year and was allowed to roam free. There was already an arrest warrant out for him in El Salvadore if anyone had bothered to check. Yet here we are today with yet another name added to the growing list of Americans, particularly women and children who have been brutally assaulted and even killed by Joe Biden's army of tens of millions of illegal migrants.

So what does Governor Wes Moore plan to do about this now that he's experienced his own moment of enlightenment? Maryland is a sanctuary state where laws have been passed forbidding local law enforcement from participating in immigration enforcement. Will Moore begin pressuring his Democratic allies to repeal those laws and begin cracking down? It may not matter if he does because these maniacs have been showing up all over the country, even in red states.

I'm sure he'll stop worrying about it once election season is past. 

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