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The Biden Misdismal Administration

LIVE: Day 3 of Hunter Biden's Gun Trial
The Most Damaging Witness in First Day of Hunter Biden's Trial? Hunter Biden. – Bearing Arms
Hunter Biden's 'Laptop from Hell' serving as evidence in his trial is pure poetic justice
Hunter Biden’s laptop introduced as evidence in federal firearms case - The Post Millennial
Former Spouse Says President's Son Was Using Crack When He Bought Gun - Off The Press
'Angry, Short-Tempered, Not Himself' When Cracked Out - Off The Press
Hunter Biden Employs the Bill Clinton Defense in First Day of Criminal Trial
Hunter Biden Gun Trial Confirms Laptop Was Real All Along
What a Bad Day to Be a Democrat – PJ Media
No One is Above the Law … Unless You’re a Democrat - Frontpage Mag
This Might Be the Most Insane Take on Biden and the ‘Rule of Law' – PJ Media
Joe Biden making a cynical power play aimed at keeping son Hunter out of prison, him in the White House
Report: Distracted Joe Biden Obsesses About Hunter's Gun Trial
President Joe Biden 2024 TIME Interview Transcript: Read - TIME
Ben Shapiro: Time Magazine Won't Release Tape Of Biden's 'Fabulist' Interview | Off The Press
WSJ: Behind the Scenes, Biden is Slipping – HotAir
Awww: Biden 'Seethes' at WSJ After Several Insiders Paint Him As Unfit for Office – HotAir
Come On, Dems, Stop Griping About WSJ Exposé on Biden – HotAir
Biden's Age Concerns - National Review
Biden showing signs of decline as pols, aides detail 81-year-old's slipping cognitive fitness
Sen. Ernst's Advice on Trust, Citing Biden's Cannibal Claims
Ace of Spades HQ  - Wall Street Journal: Congressmen Anonymously Confess That Biden's Too Old For the Job
DOJ Admits Blocking Biden Audio in Fear of Election Use -
Biden's Faux Border Crackdown – HotAir
Jayapal: Biden Using Same Immigration Tool as 'Xenophobic, Racist' Trump
‘No, No’: Chip Roy Chews Out Merrick Garland Over Illegal Immigrants Allegedly Murdering Americans - The Daily Caller
End Wokeness on X: "Joe Biden wants us all to forget what he did on DAY ONE of his presidency. It would be a shame if we made this viral. 
The Most Obvious Political Gaslighting Effort in Modern History - The Last Refuge
Joe Biden's Border 'Shutdown' Preserves Massive Loopholes
Biden Campaign Says It Will Continue To Accept Dark Money, Despite Previous Condemnations
Wait - Who's Lying? Jonathan Turley Flips 'Blatant Lie' Charge Against Fox Host Back on Biden Campaign – RedState
Fox News' John Roberts Responds to Biden Campaign Calling Him a Liar in Brutal Takedown – RedState
House Foreign Affairs Chairman McCaul Warns Jen Psaki — Testify Or Face A Subpoena - The Daily Caller
Biden Campaign Lies, Takes Credit For Trump's Insulin Price Cap
I'm Sure People on the Edge of Homelessness In Lahaina Think It's Nice POTATUS Wants to Rebuild Gaza – HotAir
Speaker Mike Johnson Declines to Commit to Biden Impeachment Vote - The Epoch Times
Biden Judicial Nom Who Sent Biological Male To Women’s Prison Says She’s ‘Unqualified’ To Define What A Woman Is - The Daily Caller
In The Mailbox: 06.04.24 (Evening Edition) : The Other McCain
In The Mailbox: 06.05.24 : The Other McCain

Trump Troubles 

America Has Its First Show Trial - American Greatness
Instapundit - ELIZABETH PRICE FOLEY IN THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Trump’s Trial Violated Due Process: He was den
Trump’s Trial Violated Due Process - WSJ
Swing-State Voters Say They Have No Clue What Crime Trump Committed, Think Prosecution Was Political - The Daily Caller
Here Are the Connections Between the People Behind Trump’s Prosecutions - The American Conservative
‘Give Us The Documents’: Tempers Flare As Matt Gaetz Grills Garland On Biden DOJ Coordination With Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis - The Daily Caller
This Means War - Civil War - Frontpage Mag
Alvin Bragg Wants Trump To Stay Under Gag Order Even After Conviction - The Daily Caller
Bragg's Office Files Motion to Keep Trump Gag Order in Place Until Sentencing – HotAir
Althouse: "Now that the trial is concluded, the concerns articulated by the government and the Court do not justify continued restrictions on the First Amendment rights of President Trump … and the American people."
Faux Conservatives Get Trump Verdict And the Left All Wrong – HotAir
Legacy Media Excuses Merchan If He Jails Trump – HotAir
Althouse: "I said, Wouldn’t it really be bad? … wouldn’t it be terrible to throw the president’s wife and the former secretary of state — think of it, the former secretary of state — but the president’s wife into jail?"
Interference: Bragg's Office Demands Trump Gag Order Remain In Place – HotAir
GOP senators warn judge against sentencing Donald Trump to prison
Ace of Spades - HQ Merrick Garland: No, the DOJ Is Not Coordinating the Lawfare Against Trump, Despite Our #3 Official Joining Alvin Bragg's Office to Prosecute Trump. And No, I Won't Provide You With Our Correspondence With Latitia James, Fani Willis, or Alvin Bragg.
Senate Conservatives to Fight Back Against Schumer and Biden in Protest Over Trump Conviction
Top House Republicans Unpack ‘Three-Pronged’ Response To Prosecutions Against Trump
Hillary Mislabeled Steele Dossier Payments as ‘Legal Fees’ - The American Spectator
Trump Florida judge allows legal scholars to debate legality of special counsel - Washington Examiner
Judge Cannon expands hearing on Trump’s request to declare special counsel’s appointment invalid - CNN Politics
NEW: Cannon to Hold Hearing on Special Counsel Validity – HotAir
BREAKING: Georgia Appellate Court Pauses Fani Willis Prosecution of Trump 'Indefinitely' – HotAir
Georgia Appeals Court Halts All Trump RICO Cases Against All Defendants Pending Decision on Fani Willis Disqualification - The Last Refuge
Fani Willis Gets Some Very Bad News In Trump 2020 Election Case
Donald Trump Ad - YouTube

Politics, as Usual

Trump up in two post-conviction polls - Washington Examiner
Trump has slight edge on Biden in swing state of Michigan, post-verdict poll shows
DATA: Trump Surges With Black Voters, Up 15% Since Manhattan Conviction.
MATT KANE: Biden has united the country against himself - Human Events
2024 Is The Real Flight 93 Election, So Get Ready To Storm The Cockpit - The Daily Caller
Trump Supporter Army Mercilessly Mocks Biden Campaign on TikTok for Pandering to Black Voters – HotAir
The Biden Disaster for Democrats, and the Cataclysmic Political Realignment of Young Voters - American Thinker
Trump conviction jackpot threatens Biden cash edge - Washington Examiner
Trump Campaign Launches Major Mail-In Ballot Initiative Ahead of 2024 Election - The Epoch Times
Suit: Some AZ Counties Have More Registered Than Eligible Voters
Over 500 noncitizens register to vote in local DC elections–only 28 as Republicans - The Post Millennial 

Jan 6 and the Deep State

Trump’s Secret Service driver wanted to quickly refute Cassidy Hutchinson’s J6 tale but was rebuffed - Just The News
Ace of Spades - HQ The Secret Service Agent Who Was Driving Trump on January 6th Wanted to Testify that Madison Cornbread Was Lying. Liz Cheney Blocked His Testimony.
Biden Dementia Documented, J6 Committee Exposed, Dr. Phil vs Corrupt DOJ! – HotAir
The Morning Briefing: Merrick Garland's KGB Is Keeping America Safe From Pro-Life Grandmas – PJ Media
Ace of Spades - HQ While Antifa Cop-Assailants Are Given "Time Served" And Released After Promising, a 75-Year-Old Grandmother in Failing Health is Given Two Years In Prison for Protesting Abortions
Matt Gaetz Paints AG Garland Into A Corner During Fiery Congressional Showdown [VIDEOS]
On MSNBC ‘Kerosene Maxine’ Labels Republican Voters ‘Domestic Terrorists’ - The Other McCain

Media, Social Media and Government Censorship

Censored Doctor Confronts Fauci at Coronavirus Hearing – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ - Axios (Politico for Kidz): Propaganda Media Now Scrambling for Survival

The Great Culture Wars

Louisiana Approves Surgical Castration for Pedos.
CNN Advises Parents What to Do If Their Toddler Comes Out as Trans
SPLC Adds Doctors, Gays Against Groomers, to Hate Map
Ted Cruz Slams Biden DOJ's Collusion With SPLC
SPLC Added Immigration Group to Hate Map After IRS Complaint
10 NFL Teams So Far Refuse LGBTQ Pride Month Messaging
U.S. Navy Special Warfare Command Posts Pride Month Message, Limits Replies
Pride Month Is Awful. I Won’t Participate. - The American Spectator
Oh, Happy, Waste of Time Day: NJ Businesses Can Now Be State 'LGBTQ+ Certified' – HotAir
Audrey Hale Wrote Political Rant About Guns and Transgenderism One Month Before Covenant School Attack - Tennessee Star
Didn’t Earn It - City Journal
TaxProf Blog - 21 State AGs Urge ABA To Remove Race-Based Criteria From Law School Accreditation
Columbia Settles Discrimination Lawsuit with Jewish Student, But ... – HotAir
Instapundit - THE ENEMY WITHIN: Colonialism
The Lasting Impact of the Penn Encampment
Student Protesters Occupy Stanford President's Office, Get Arrested – HotAir
TaxProf Blog - Columbia Law Review Refused To Take Down Article On Palestine, So Board Of Directors Took Down Its Website
Parental Freedom Is Flourishing - American Greatness
Biden’s Destructive Pot Gambit - City Journal

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad up at The Other McCain.

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