Thursday, June 6, 2024

Beach Report 6/6/24

A summerish day, in the low 80s, enough humidity to be be noticeable but not oppressive, and no wind to speak of. 

Not a Meg. We have a tray full of megs. This is our third arrowhead in 30 some years of walking the beach. Not a very fancy one, just to the point.

Thanks to Nancy Borick, identified as a Levanna projectile point:
"Levanna projectile points are stone projectile points manufactured by Native Americans what is now the Northeastern United States, generally in the time interval of 700-1350 AD. They are true arrowheads rather than atlatl dart points, and they derive their name from the specimens found at the Levanna site in Cayuga County, New York."
Some interesting beach art.

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