Thursday, June 18, 2015

They Say a Bad Day Fishing . . .

Is better than a good day working, but this one wasn't.

I called Trevor, and agreed to meet a 5 PM to try the evening bite. There were popcorn storms all over the area, but we figured if one threatened us, we'd just head home.

At the slip, the cable got all tangled, and although we got the boat into the water OK, the lift is useless until I get it straightened out...

We borrowed a couple of spare lines from the marina to tie the boat up with when we got back and went anyway,

There was a huge cloud to the north, but no lightening. The wind was 15 south, tolerable but not ideal, and we made it down to "Location X" and caught 1 fish. I should say Trevor caught one small fish, and I got a few hits before we saw the first bolt of lightening from the storm:

This is the storm we saw bearing down rapidly from the north. (Picture courtesy of Walleye Pete from Facebook, who took the picture I refused to stop for). We left immediately, and made it home in a few minutes, before the first raindrop. But by the time we tied the boat up, and adjusted the lines, it was raining cats and dogs. The winds spiked to 55 knots, but only for a few minutes:

We stayed under the T-top until the first downpour passed, finished adjusting the lines and left. Here is what the storm looked like on Intellicast radar:

Look at that cool little line that passes down the western shore.

Aaaargh, as the pirates used to say.

This post immortalized in Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: Saturday Morning Edition"

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