Tuesday, June 30, 2015

CBF to Virginia Farmers: "Get Off Our Lawn!"

CBF sues Virginia for not making livestock stream exclusion mandatory
The Chesapeake Bay Foundation announced legal action against Virginia for failing to protect streams, rivers and the Chesapeake Bay from the pollution that results when livestock are allowed access to waterways.

The CBF contends that the Virginia State Water Control Board and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality have failed to enforce Virginia statutory provisions that are in place to ensure clean water for the “benefit, enjoyment, and general welfare of the people of the Commonwealth.”

The CBF took action in April 2014, after the State Water Control Board approved a 10-year permit governing large farming operations without specifically requiring fencing to exclude livestock for streams. The case will be heard by the Virginia Circuit Court on July 2 in Richmond.

In Virginia, livestock exclusion is currently required for confined animal feeding operations — where livestock is contained in small fenced areas — but has been considered “voluntary” for pastured livestock by state program managers.

Allowing livestock to wade in streams causes problems with water quality as well as animal health. Stream banks erode after being trampled by livestock, degrading habitat for aquatic life. When cattle and other livestock are allowed in or near streams, animal waste creates health problems for the animals — and for people. Almost half of the streams in Virginia that do not meet water quality standards have excessive bacteria, often from the lack of livestock management near streams.
I wonder if the deer, elk and buffalo ever wade through streams?


  1. Princess Juliana Airport, right here we come!

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