Thursday, June 25, 2015

So You Want to Be Offended?

Here, Let Me Give You Something To Whine About
Apropos of Stacy’s post on the attempt to shove the Confederate flag down the memory hole, Michael Z. Williamson and his friends have some suggestions for a replacement flag guaranteed to offend just about everybody, but especially the members of the pro-slavery, pro-segregation Democratic party.

Also, some clever fellow has introduced a petition to strip former Senator and Klansman Robert Byrd’s name from everything.
An excellent plan, and Randy Barnett at Instapundit is getting a list of other Democratic Demigods who could be similarly targeted, including Woodrow Wilson. Sure, I'll let you ban the Confederate flag, if you give me JFK, RFK, and Woodrow as race villains in the history books.
If you want to actually buy a Confederate flag, if for no better reason than Amazon, Wal-Mart, Mitt Romney and other bien pensants think you shouldn’t have one, Cooter (Ben Jones) can fix you up. Or you can examine the fine selection at the Ruffin Flag Company of Georgia.

On the other hand, Comrade, if you prefer Officially Approved Symbols, Amazon can fix you up with merchandise commemorating that great (National) Socialist regime led by Chancellor Hitler. Meanwhile, Walmart can fix you up with iconography of that racist murderer revolutionary hero Che Guevara!

Mychal Massie has an opinion on the subject, and so does Zo Rachel. Also also, Allen West has some surprising news regarding the slain Charleston pastor’s opinion of the flag.
I myself have no use for the Confederate Flag. I was raised in California, and our history lessons were long on Mexican/Californian history and weak on the Civil War, which didn't impact California all that much.

But Civil War re-enacting is a big industry here in the southern border region Southern MD would likely have gone to the South if it weren't for the proximity to Washington DC, and the Potomac River.

If all the re-enactors on the southern side are force the hand make their own flags and regalia, they'll be too busy to line up and mock fight.

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