Saturday, June 13, 2015

You Never Know What You're Going to Find on the Bay

I snuck out of the house about 5 PM to go fishing. I had been messing around at "Location X" for about an hour when I saw something unusual coming up the Bay. I had an idea of what it was from an article in the Washington Post a few days ago.
The ship is a replica of the frigate that Gen. Lafayette came to America on in the revolutionary war, L'Hermione. I ran out to see her, somewhere north of the Gas Docks, out in the main channel.
I stayed close for a few minutes to snap some pictures, and then went back to the matter at hand.
I found a few willing fish in shallow water near "Location X", including this 22 inch specimen which I invited home for dinner.
I settled for one today, and came home in the sunset.

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