Saturday, June 13, 2015 - Bill: "I Know Nussing"

Bill Clinton on donor flap: 'No one has ever asked me for anything'
Bill Clinton rejected the idea that donors to his family’s foundation received special treatment while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, suggesting that any allegations that have arisen over the last few months are purely political in nature.

“Nobody even suggested it or thought about it or talked about it until the political season began, and somebody said, ‘Well, what about this?’,” Clinton said during an interview taped this week in Denver during a Clinton Global Initiative event.No one has ever asked him for anything, Clinton said, adding that he does not know if those companies were seeking favor from his wife’s position as secretary of state.

Political partisans and investigative journalists have not found anything particularly odious, apart from what “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer deemed as a “smoking gun” in the pattern of behavior.
You mean other than a "charity" which doles out something like 10% of it's income to actual charitable goals, and spends the remainder on Clinton life style support, which seems to include the salaries of political hacks like Sid "Vicious" Blumenthal, as well as parties and travel for the Clintons?

They don't ask because the quid pro quo is understood. It's bad form to actually ask. They just tell Bill his problems and he assigns one of the tax free flunkies to look into it.

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