Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dog Paddling at the Beach on Father's Day

After a tremendous thunderstorm last night, today was still warm, humid, and partly cloudy. We went down right after lunch to meet a low tide.
OK, I lied, the dog wasn't paddling. Except when he jumped in and swam the last 20 yards back to shore. I don't think he's a committed kayaker.
 The local Osprey
A father teaching a daughter how to surf fish?
A Great Spangled Fritillary on the verge of taking wing from some wild milkweeds.
Not too much question on the identification of this butterfly. There's only one American Snout.
But I had to check the photos to make sure this one was a Pearl Crescent and not a Silvery Checkerspot.

 A good day to sail.
But at some point you have to come back to port.

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