Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Beach Report - Who Pulled the Plug?

When we got to the beach this morning, we were astonished to see how low the tide was. Huge areas of beach that are normally below the water were exposed. In retrospect, I should not have been surprised, given the strong NW winds we had yesterday.

Here's a record of the tide today (from Solomons, 10 miles south, but close enough).  Note how the bottom dropped out since yesterday.  That low red dip is just about when we were walking.
Tides this low expose lots of material not normally seen, and can make for good fossil hunting.  We, however, struggled to get 25 teeth today, none of them really big.
But Skye had fun running on the beach and greeting people. 
 A Black Drum's tooth in where I found it. 
The water was so far out that the sand flat where the Tundra Swans hang out was totally exposed, except for a narrow channel.
We did have one flyover by one the eagles, but I didn't get enough warning to try a picture.
A professional shark tooth hunter, back from further down the bay.  He pulled up into the shallow water to pick up his son, and go back to look some more.  A neighborhood character, he sells large sharks teeth by the side of the road in summer to make money.


  1. Hey,

    Those look like the same pictures I took of the swans this morning.

    You must have passed between the time I came in from 'photographing' and when I took Cheyenne on the beach for a romp. It was crowded up my way so I had to head to Long Beach to loose the people and let her off the leash. Wow, did she like the low tide! Romped and romped.

    The new people in the house by our stairs just moved from CA. Say hi to them. He's the power plant 'spokesperson'.

  2. We ran into them this morning. His kids (especially the little girl) were really into Skye.