Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Party On, Chessie!

Organizers of floating parties such as the Magothy River’s Bumper Bash would need to get permits weeks in advance and could be required to provide security under a bill being supported by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

The Senate bill would not apply to sail parades and other events required to have a Coast Guard permit. But gatherings that create unusual hazards would have to apply for a permit and comply with conditions that could include providing security, time limits and placing buoys.

Col. George F. Johnson IV, the superintendent of the Maryland Natural Resources Police, says the Bumper Bash has drawn more than 1,000 boats over the past two years. Johnson says the bill is an attempt to limit large gatherings so they don’t overwhelm the department’s workforce.
Probably an excellent idea. I can't imagine wanting to be in the presence of 999 drunk and disorderly boaters.  It's not much of an issue down where I boat, where the biggest problem with crowding is usually 8-10 boats all trying to drift in the Calvert Cliffs Power Plant discharge at one time during the spring striper run.

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