Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Petty Prince Plastered in Vodka Fueled Bar Fight

Jessica Hart - Prince Casiraghi's corner
Prince Pierre Casiraghi suffered cuts to his face in the late-night bust-up in the Double Seven bar in New York's meatpacking district, which was witnessed by a number of top models and wealthy socialites.

Drinking in the meatpacking district?  With all those knives and cleavers and saws?  Sombeody might get hurt!  Nanny-in Chief Bloomberg should do something.  There otta be a law!
Natasha Poly - in Adam Hock's

Adam Hock, a former nightclub owner, was arrested and charged with assaulting the prince and three of his friends. During a brief court appearance, he insisted that he was the victim of an unprovoked attack, and questioned why Prince Pierre was not the one in handcuffs.
I wonder if the prince was traveling with a diplomatic passport? Does that give him the right to walk up to someone, steal their liquor and molest their women?  If it doesn't it should.  Otherwise, what's point?  Dodge a few parking tickets?  Where's the sex in that?
Valentina Zalyaeva - Hock

The youngest son of Princess Caroline of Monaco is said to have been with friends including Stavros Niarchos III, the shipping heir and ex-boyfriend of celebrity Paris Hilton, and the model Jessica Hart before the melee broke out.
Besides, Princes have that droit de seigneur thing going on back in the home country, and with only 35,000 subjects or so, and less than a square mile to scan, it has to be hard to find enough beautiful women.  Caroline would be so proud!
Anja Rubik - Hock

Hock, who was drinking with catwalk models Natasha Poly, Valentina Zalyaeva and Anja Rubik, claimed that the prince and three friends walked over and began abusing the women before grabbing a $500 (£315) bottle of vodka from his table. Members of the group said that Prince Pierre and his entourage "were being completely obnoxious".

"The next thing I saw, all hell broke loose,'' one witness told the New York Post.
 $500 a bottle vodka?  Are you $#!**ing me? Is there any vodka in the world worth $500 a bottle; unless maybe it comes with three super models?  Oh, yeah...

Maybe I need to start drinking a better brand!

Tipped to this by a comment over at Althouse. At last, a flu-wracked Wombat-Socho puts up his giant list of Rule 5 Posts on "Rule 5 Wednesday" at The Other McCain. The Classical Liberal also included this in his weekly Rule 5 linkfest.

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