Thursday, February 23, 2012

Street Sign Too Perky for Sweden

The signs, which depict a silhouetted woman crossing the road, were from a batch of images outsourced by independent designers that were rejected by the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) for running afoul of the agency's policies.

The woman on the sign, known as Fru Gårman ('Mrs. Walkman'), is a gender-sensitive version of her male counterpart, Herr Gårman, a name that translates both as 'Mr. Walkman' and 'This is where you walk'.

The signs erected in Uppsala, however, show a seemingly younger and bustier woman, with a shorter skirt and a somewhat sprightlier step compared with the design that was eventually approved.

According to a report in the local Upsala Nya Tidning (UNT), the female silhouette's breasts were "too perky".
 Look, it's a dumpy woman warning sign!

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