Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sand Blasted at the Beach

Following a warm day with thunderstorm and tornado watch, we had typical post-storm weather today, cooler (42 F), windy (gusting to 30 mph NW) and mostly sunny with fluffy clouds (yes they do have a scientific name, but I just don't care).  The wind was enough to blow sand around, but with enough west in it that the Bay was not terribly choppy.
A seagull dipping something out of the water.  Click pictures to see them full screen (well almost) in bloggers viewer.
The Tundra Swans are still here.  They took off as Skye and I approached and I got this flying shot.

We saw no sign of the eagles today.  Since they're probably nesting at this point, that may not be a complete surprise.
 A willow tree already showing signs of green.
Sky and I were well ahead of Georgia at the far end.  I heard noise an looked up and saw a herd of deer, all bucks, crossing the sand bar in front of us, and tearing into the brush.  I think there were 4 or 5 of them.  As a sign of Skye's advanced age, she did not pursue them into the woods, but stayed on the beach prowling around.  She did come back when I called, so all was well.
I was really proud when I found this pretty decent Mako lower tooth
Then I got back to where Georgia was and she had this hand full of teeth, including the largest Black Drum's tooth that we have ever seen.  Combined, we found 26 teeth, a couple of Tilly Bones, a crab claw a sting ray barb, and one thing I'm pretty sure is a fossil but couldn't identify. Not a bad haul.
When we got back to our own beach, we found this little girl, Ninja.  A few weeks ago we met Ninja's people and they told us they were getting a Siberian Husky puppy, and yep, here she is.  Almost a spitting image of what Skye must have been before she started to lighten up as she grew older, down to the one blue eye on the right side.
Skye was a little stand-offish at first, but eventually she broke down and started romping with the puppy.  Between chasing the deer and romping with Ninja, Skye is going to have an extra long nap this afternoon.

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  1. Hey Fritz-
    Your pics of the low tide were amazing. I have been fumbling around on your site trying to figure out how to send a message back, finally think I got it. Good Beach pics of the family members. MZ