Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sing Glorious!

This reminds me of a song my daddy used to sing...

"The Goddamned Dutch" (aka "The Souse Family" or "Drunk Last Night") is a traditional drinking song found among Hash House Harriers, rugby players and fraternities. Also known as "Glorious", it first appeared in the book Gentleman About Town, Immortalia in 1927.

Drunk last night. Drunk the night before,
Gonna get drunk tonight like I never been drunk before,
For when I'm drunk I'm as happy as can be;
For I am a member of the Diveley family,
Now the Diveley family is the best family
That ever came over from Old Germany.
With the Highland Dutch, and the Lowland Dutch;
And the Rotterdam Dutch, and the God damned Dutch.
Now when God made the Dutch, he didn't make much;
But he surely made 'em better than the Rotterdam Dutch
Sing Glorious!
Sing Glorious!
Sing one keg of beer for the four of us!
Sing and glory be to God that there are no more of us;
For one of us can drink it all alone! - Damn Quick!

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