Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Short Beach Report

Sigh, I guess I'll have to take beach blogging back from Skye, she claims to be too tired and stiff to narrate.  It was pretty nice this morning; the tide was high and rising, and the wind cool, and also increasing.  Not a cloud in the sky.
Skye was full of it this morning; no wonder she's all tuckered out.
Because of the high tide, we got our feet damp walking around the narrow spot at Calvert Beach.  You can see how much that upset Skye.
The swans are still here, although we didn't walk far enough to get a good shot.  I'm trying to keep track of when they leave this year.  No eagles in the trees today, but we did have one close flyover.
Skye is going to ask Georgia for a treat here.  It wasn't a big day for fossils. Between the two of us, we found only 15 teeth (all small), two complete Bonnet Ray plates, a single Black Drum's tooth and some decent Ecphora fragments.
You can see how much the wind came up while were walking.  From almost no waves in the first shot to white caps in the final.

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