Sunday, March 27, 2011

Winter's Last Gasp...

...I hope.  Woke up this morning to about 1 inch of snow on the ground, and it's still going on.  This is the most snow I can remember this late (although I can remember  a  few flakes in April once).  I'll keep this post alive if I get any more decent pictures.

UPDATE:  Well, that was quick.  By 10 AM the sun was out, and by 12, most of the snow was gone.

I did get some decent bird pictures.

Carolina Chickadee and Carolina Wren share the buffet.
 A Blue Jay watches from the Paulownia .  They're pretty shy, unlike the western Steller's Jay, and don't come to the feeder if they think you're watching.
 The male Northern Cardinal.  We have a pair of Cardinals who visit regularly.  Georgia saw the male offer the female a seed today, and thought that was cute.  I chewed up a piece of bacon, and offered it to her, and she didn't think that was so cute.
All hail the omnipresent Gray Squirrel.  The "squirrel proof" feeder I bough Georgia for Christmas seems to do a good job of keeping them from pillaging the feeder, but they still drop by for the seed the birds knock out.

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