Thursday, March 31, 2011

Could You Hold Out for the Ten Year Bonus?

Jessica Simpson's Prenup: Over A Million Dollars To Husband

Skinny Jessica
"Eric is on what you might call a vesting plan," said an insider to the magazine. "He'll get $500,000 as a wedding present. Then, on each anniversary, he'll get another $200,000. If he and Jessica make it to five years of marriage, he'll get an additional $500,000 bonus — and a $1 million bonus if they make it to 10 years."
Chunky Jessica
 Maybe it depends on whether you get skinny Jessica or chunky Jessica?

Doesn't really matter to me, I have my own weight issue to worry about.  And I don't mind chunky...

Or maybe...
(slightly NSFW below jump).. prefer the Camel Toe Jessica?

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