Friday, March 18, 2011

Battle of the Zombie Bands

Bands with the Most Replacement Musicians

You know how it is, an old rock band comes to town, and you wonder how they can still be together after all that time.  You check on the membership, and, if you're lucky, one or two of the original members are still with the group.  It happens around here a lot, several small venues around here specialize in fossil rock, and the bands are often mostly replacement personnel.  Well this site has looked around, and tried to find which bands have had the most turnover.

Asia, formed 1981, has two versions of the band currently touring with a total of 23 members through history.

Megadeath, formed in 1983, has had 18 official members.

Guns and Roses, 1985, 22 people.

The Village People (well, not much of a band), 1977, 20 different members, no breakdown of their parts.

Black Sabbath, 1968, 22

But winner and still Champion, Lynnyrd Skynyrd, 1964, 25 members! Of course, they were helped a bit by a plane crash in 1977 that thinned the herd.  Only one original member remains, guitarist Garry Rossington.  They came to St. Leanard a couple years ago, and they looked, and sounded pretty much the same as ever.


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  1. Skynyrds current lead singer is the younger brother of the original lead singer. That almost counts right?

    Karl and I saw them two summers ago when they played at Ironstone vineyards just down the road from us. I'd see them again.