Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring is Here!

Astronomically speaking, Spring begins with the Vernal Equinox, tomorrow. However meteorologists define spring differently, the three months between the three coldest months and the three warmest months, so in our area, that's Marsh, April and May.  But whatever official demarcation you choose, Spring is a process. and for the last week, the signs of Spring in Southern Maryland have been accelerating apace. 

At right, a tree starts to bud out.  Not many trees have much green yet, but a lot of buds are showing red.

 A Day Lily emerges, clinging to the cliff from where it was caught in mid slide, with its roots partially exposed.

A large Star Magnolia blooms back in Matoaka Cottages.

Skye revels in the water (it's still pretty cold though).  She still runs like mad, and then comes home and limps all day.

At home, the signs are even clearer, the daffodils have finally bloomed....


The Flag Iris in the pond have started to put on new growth (they'll bloom, if at all, in May)

The Hyacinth under the Azaleas are blooming

The Forsythia are in full bloom

And no Spring would be complete without:

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