Saturday, March 26, 2011

Former Madam vs. Client #9

Spitzer’s former madam ‘probably’ running for New York mayor if Client 9 does:

Ex-madam and former New York gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis is considering a run against former New York Democratic Gov. Eliot Spitzer if he enters the race for mayor of New York City in 2013.

“If Spitzer throws his black socks in the ring I may have to throw in my lacy brassiere,” Davis said in a statement sent to The Daily Caller.

Spitzer, who hosts “In the Arena” on CNN, was a prominent customer of Davis’ escort business known as “client 9.” Public revelation of his patronage forced his resignation from the governorship in 2008.
For our foreign guests, and the kids who don't pay attention to politics, Eliot Spitzer is a long time New York pol who rose through the ranks in DA's office in New York City, largely by prosecuting the mob, then won elected office as New York's Attorney general, where he focused on  prosecuting businessmen for white collar crime.  He was elected governor, and served about a year before resigning after his sexual escapades were revealed by the New York Times.

More recently, he has tried to rehabilitate his image with his role of "Bully in-Chief" on the CNN talking head show "Parker Spitzer", where he was paired against the mildly RINOish columnist Kathleen Parker.  After not being allowed to get a word in edgewise, Parker recently resigned, and the show was renamed "In the Arena."

According to her website, Kristin is running largely on the platform of legalization of prostitution and other sex work.  As a libertarian leaning individual, I believe that this is the proper stance, but I can't help but think this is largely a publicity stunt...

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