Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stale Link Dump

The digital fridge is getting full again, and the links are starting to stink.  I need to get rid of a few of these:

Was Moby really his first name?  Whales may have names.

Chili, good for what ails you.  Salmonella killed by chili powder.

Look 'em in the eyes?  Men looking for long term look at the face;  well, you know the rest.

Is the Easter Bunny dead? Giant bunny fossil discovered in Minorca. 

I tawt I taw a puddy tat!  Cats kill 500 million birds a year?

Ancient trash heaps in Florida become natural resource.  Tree Islands grow on trash middens.

Naked Therapist for New Yorkers.  It wouldn't be newsworthy in San Francisco.

In the future, we'll all be the press.  Homemade journalists tell the Japan earthquake news.

Artist creates wall of vaginas.  Even I don't find them that interesting.

Piss in the gas tank?  Is urea a fuel of the future?

Muscles hurt?  Don't blame lactic acid build up. 

The universe may be even weirder than we can imagine.  Was it originally one dimensional?

Fish feel pain!  I don't care.

Organic crops can't feed the world!  They're just not productive enough.

Ons is almal Suid-Afrikaners.  Tracing mankind's origins to South Africa. Are we descended from Bushmen?

One difference between men and chimps?  Men fuck around a lot more...

Speaking of which, swearing really does make it feel better.

Playing dead.  Sometimes it really works.

Rule 5, Sex Sells.  In Australia, it sells real estate, accidentally.

That should keep the door from bulging.

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