Sunday, March 20, 2011

Major Trash at the Beach

When we got down to the beach this morning, the first thing we noticed was that a lot of trash was washed up, both literal trash (plastic bottles, plastic wrappers, barrels) and a lot of woody debris, branches and twigs.

I'm always amazed at the random stuff that seems to wash into streams off streets...

So where did this stuff come from?  We had a big rain event a few days ago, and the Conowingo Dam, on the Susquehanna River, was forced to dump a lot of water over its spillways.
I'm guessing a lot of trash floating behind the dam got washed over and has been spreading down the bay ever since.

I'd like to thank the guy that left us this little present.

Georgia decided to score this 30 gallon barrel to turn into a rain barrel.  While I was washing it out (and getting my feet wet in the process, she was finding the last two sharks teeth, which put her ahead).

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  1. i've twice found hypodermic needles on Ches beaches. at first i couldn't believe hospital waste being dumped in the bay, then it finally dawned on me that it was junkie needles washing off the streets of wherever.

    looking for shark's teeth is a great idea - ie watching where you walk.