Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hearing on Poaching Tomorrow

From CBFs BayBlog
At 1 p.m. tomorrow (March 16), the House Environmental Matters Committee will hold hearings on two bills that would crack down on the illegal harvest of fish, crabs and oysters. The first, House Bill 1154, sponsored by state Del. James Gilchrist and colleagues, would allow the state to revoke the commercial fishing licenses for people who fish will illegal nets or equipment or commit other violations. The second, House Bill 1225, would allow the state to impose a $25,000 fine or imprisonment of up to a year for commercial fishing on a revoked or suspended license.
A convenient time.  Recreational fisherman have other jobs, but commercial fishermen will be there in good numbers, you can be sure.

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  1. If you think they do this stuff in the middle of the day not to lean it one way or another you are crazy. Well that or the Committee is lazy, either way they don't care about recs.