Friday, April 1, 2022

NY Judge Throws Out Extreme Partisan Gerrymander

Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair,  Judge throws out NY redistricting map. Bonchie at Red State sees a Shocking Turn of Events in New York Redistricting Lawsuit. A Democrat appointed judge actually reads the state constitution, and overturns an partisan gerrymander. 

Per a mid-afternoon announcement on Thursday, New York Supreme Court Justice Patrick McAllister has shot down all three of the Democrat gerrymanders in the Empire State, including the congressional map that had Democrats with a 22-4 advantage in a state that they only garnered 60% of the vote in during the last election.

The decision appears to be based on the fact that the legislature completely ignored the 2014-passed state constitutional amendment that outlawed partisan gerrymandering.

Wa Free Bee claims Voter Enthusiasm for Republicans in the Midterms Highest Since 2010 and Matt Margolis at PJ Media Are Democrats Panicking? It Sure Looks That Way. A poll at Da Caller says  Biden’s Support Among Black Voters Cratered In Past Nine Months. At Haut Hair, AllahPundits hopes are crushed to report Dem doom: Biden's weakest racial demographic in new Quinnipiac poll is ... Hispanics. John McCormack at NR (cited at Haut Hair) The abortion vote that could haunt Democrats in November. At Oxymoron The Liberal Patriot, (cited at Haut Hair) Ruy Teixiera warns Democrats: Go directly to the center. Which is probably good advice, but would anyone believe them if they did? From Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Democrats’ Dreams of Ousting Ron DeSantis Crushed by New Poll. But I, for one, believe nothing is too good for Republicans to screw up.

Doug Murry at NYPo worries that We’re all stuck picking up after this Biden dud. At Am Think Steve Feinstein thinks Biden is the Ersatz President. Jordon Boyd at Da Fed notes Biden Can Barely Utter A Coherent Sentence But He’s Still More Eloquent Than Kamala Harris, while Guy Benson at Town Hall says Spectacular: Kamala's Latest Word Salad May Be Her Most Hilarious One Yet. Jack Posobiec@JackPosobiec hears predictions from beyond,  "Rush on 15 Dec 2020 “If they decide to take Biden out they will have ample evidence, and once the decision is make the fake news media will temporarily become hard news media”" At NYPo, Dave Harsanyi thinks Democrats have a silly double standard for Clarence Thomas and Joe Biden "If Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has an ethical obligation to recuse himself from all cases related to the Jan. 6 riots because his wife Ginni has opinions on the matter, as most Democrats contend, it’s clear that President Joe Biden has a moral responsibility to step back from any more decisions concerning Ukraine and China." Or Russia, or any other countries Hunter has fronted. 

At the AZ Sun Times, Gov. Ducey Signs 2022’s First Election Integrity Bill Which Closes Loophole on Non-Citizens Voting, Opponents Blast It, because Democrats count on the illegal alien vote. From The Mad Irishman, Arizona  Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich Refers Criminal Action Against DemoNazi Secretary Of State Katie Hobbs For Election Crimes. Yeah, good luck with that. At Breitbart, Documentary Blows the Lid off the $400 Million Zuckerberg Effort to Elect Biden. The best election Mark Zuckerberg could buy. On the retail side of voter fraud, Henry Rodgers at Da Caller reports a Never Trump Candidate Seen Allegedly Illegally Forging Petition Signatures In Parking Lot In Effort To Run Against Elise Stefanik. Mary Chastain at LI has more on how the FEC Fines Hillary’s 2016 Campaign, DNC for Lying About Dossier Payments, “The commission ruled it had found probable cause that both the Clinton campaign and the DNC had violated election law by not being ‘sufficiently specific’ about the purpose of the payments and not including detailed information about Fusion GPS in the disclosure forms.” If you're going to lie and cheat, do it fairly.

At NYPo, a report that the Beer heiress running for Democratic Senate nomination was queen of whites-only pageant. It could happen to anybody, but you know what would happen if it were a Republican.

Trudy Busch Valentine won the “Queen of Love and Beauty” crown at the St. Louis Veiled Prophet Ball in 1977 — during a time when the competition specifically banned people of color and Jews from participating.

Althouse catches a bit at "There is no legal prohibition on Mr. Trump assembling and publishing photographs that a White House staff member took during his tenure; under federal law, those photographs are considered in the public domain..."

"... and not subject to copyright. There is a public Flickr account, now managed by the National Archives, that has 14,995 photos from the Trump White House, a third of them listing Ms. Craighead as the photographer."

And that's the main thing you need to know, squirreled away in the 16th paragraph of "She Took the White House Photos. Trump Moved to Take the Profit.The former chief White House photographer made plans to publish a book of Trump photos. The former president had other plans" (NYT).

We, the People own these photographs. Go ahead, go into that Flickr account and pick out whatever you like and make a book! It's perfectly free. It's in the public domain!

Were they really this desperate for another get-Trump story? I was almost too jaded to write this. Ridiculous!

Atop Da Hill, Myra Adams opines America needs Liz Cheney. No, we really don't.

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