Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Windy Day at the Beach

While it was about 40 F today, the real story was the wind.  It was blowing so hard  from the north (25 kts sustained with gusts to 35), that even with the chin strings cinched up tight, it was hard to keep my hand on.  A pretty heavy collection of fluffy clouds had the sunlight hit and miss. It was a hit in this shot.

In this shot, you can see the sand blowing off the beach and over the north jetty.  Fortunately, it was only around ankle level, and not up at eye (and camera) level.  This is the second of two windstorms this week; Thursday night we had winds up to 35 sustained and 45 gusts.  Fortunately, not much damage as the leaves are mostly out of the trees, and the soil is not saturated.

Guess who doesn't care about wind, cold or flying sand? We couldn't walk too far today; the tide was up, so we couldn't get around the cliff.  But, using the leash, I persuaded Skye to accept the short version.
 Another shot showing the sand blowing down the beach at us.
There were some pretty decent waves, too, at least by our standards.  Looking south across the south jetty to "Old Long Beach"
It must have been hard times at home to have these girls out making calls and listening to music out in the howling wind.  They were the only other people on the beach.
The Buffies aren't impressed by the wind and waves either.
A long shot look at the Gas Docks.  Looking lonely these days, with too much natural gas to bother importing any, and not yet ready (or permitted for that matter) to act as an exporting facility.

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