Friday, December 14, 2012

Your Friday Monkey Dacker Christmas Shopper

Well-dressed monkey in a winter coat and diapers escapes car and heads to Ikea
An unaccompanied monkey wearing a stylish winter coat and a diaper surprised Sunday shoppers at a Toronto Ikea.

The fashionable rhesus macaque, sporting a miniature shearling jacket, was first spotted in the parking lot, before roaming around and eventually being cornered inside the store.
Toronto animal services eventually caught the monkey inside the store.

The primate's owners, who had been shopping in Ikea, came forward after the incident. They now face $240 fine for having an illegal pet.

The rhesus macaque species is not endangered but it is against the law to keep the animal in Ontario.

The monkey remains in the care of animal services but is said to have recovered from its stressful shopping experience and is in good health.

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