Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday 12/23/12 Beach Report

Today was much nicer at the beach than yesterday, despite being almost 10 F colder; the reason?  No wind to speak of. 
 Skye approves.
The warmer water, and the cold air had a decent Fata Morgana mirage going across the Bay.  Here, James Island floats over an inverted reflection of itself.
 A tiny, yet whole scallop shell.  No, there are no scallops in this part of the Bay.  This is one of our fossils, Chesapectens.  A large one would completely cover my hand.

Fossiling was poor otherwise, only four small shark's teeth.
 A male Buffy and his harem.
It was still cold enough that ice coated parts of the cliff still in the shade.

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