Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Make No Mistake - They Are Coming for Our Guns

The news today, of course, is full of stories about guns, and given the MSM bias against them, it's pretty clear a fresh push for as much gun control as they can get as quickly as possible has begun.  Even before Obama called for a new ban on "assault weapons" (whatever that means) and large capacity magazines, WAPO had two on the front page this morning, New blows to gun trade  and McDonnell, O'Malley at odds on gun issue.  Of course, the Opinion pages were even worse: After Newtown, beating the NRA at its own game, Buy back guns, boost the economyOn guns, take action now, Slow-walking gun control Lock up the killing machines, Our national shame, Protecting the innocent.

The proposed bans, of course, will have no net effect, other than to restrict gun ownership by the law abiding gun owner.  And the next time a tragedy occurs, they will say "See, we didn't restrict it enough last time; we need to do more".

Make no mistake, a media campaign has begun to take away our guns. Just be warned and do what you can to influence your legislators.

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