Sunday, December 16, 2012

You Never Know What You'll Find at the Beach

Another cloudy, cool morning at the beach.  The air was still and the tide was low, so it was a good morning to look for fossils again
No eagle sightings today, but this hawk was observing us from a tree at the top of the cliffs.  Sharp-shinned or Coopers?  Based mostly on size, I'm going to go with Cooper's.  It was about the size of a crow, if not bigger.
So this is what the post title refers to.  Remember yesterday, how I saw, and took a picture of an odd "toy" that was lying on the beach?  I saw it again today, and took a closer look, and found these instructions to return it to NOAA in Missouri.  It's still not entirely clear what it is, but it has electronics in it, and the place that they want it sent is a high atmosphere research center, so I am guessing that it's some type of instrument that's dropped from a balloon, like this radiosonde.
I've already got it packed and ready put in the mail to return.

Not a bad day for picking up shark's teeth, 20 total, but nothing as rare as yesterday's Megalodon tooth.  This one might be a side or back tooth from one of the Mako type sharks.
Some new duck visitors in the harbor. A couple of Common Mergansers, a fish eating duck that we see here occasionally.

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