Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day at the Beach

Oh my, what a gorgeous day.  The temperature was only about 60 when we started out.  There was no wind, and just a touch of haze, that actually got a little worse through the walk
A ginger in the natural habitat, with it's mate.  As you can see, light clothes were the order of the day.
The Ladybugs must have come out of hibernation in response to warmth or day length.  They were all over every solid object on the beach, and washed up along the strand, along with thousands of feathers, which looked like duck feathers to me.  Eagles picking off ducks?  WE didn't see any eagles today, or any Osprey yet this year.
Skye showing some silly husky tongue.  She is between medicines as a result of Novartis shutting down a plant due to QA problems.  She has to be off of her old arthritis medicine for 5 days before she can start the new one. Boy, is she sore tonight...
A Blue-billed ducked, probably a Lesser Scaup offshore, too far to see clearly.  No sign of the Buffleheads today, perhaps they've left for the season.  I didn't see the Tundra Swans either, though we didn't walk far enough to be sure.
 The weed-du-jour, some kinds of Speedwell, possibly Persian Speedwell or Bird's Eye  Speedwell. (They seem to be the same weed, Veronica persica).  A cute weed, dense leaves on short stems forming a dome shaped mass, dotted with blue flowers.  I've seen them all over at work in the last week as well.
 A maple tree getting ready to flower.
The girls going back up the beach on the way home.

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