Sunday, March 18, 2012

Maybe This Is "The Sweet Meteor of Death"

An asteroid with the destructive power of an H-bomb will narrowly miss Earth next year, scientists have said. The 50m-long space rock will whizz past our planet on February 15, 2013, at a distance of just 15,000 miles. That's closer than the orbit of many commercial satellites.

Scientists say there is no chance that we will be hit by Asteroid 2012 DA14 but such a possibility cannot be ruled out in years to come. If it did smash into Earth the force of the explosion would destroy an area the size of Greater London.

The asteroid was spotted last month by scientists in a Spanish observatory after they searched an area of the sky where asteroids are not normally seen.
I can think of places in the world where that might make an improvement. Is this Ace's Sweet Meteor of Death?
"Next year it will be nice to watch through a pair of binoculars, but there is nothing to worry about," said Dr Drolshagen.

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