Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's Greening at the Beach

The last week's clear skies and warm weather has caused an amazing acceleration of Spring since our last outing.  We had a spring style thunderstorm last night around 4 AM, and today has been showery, although our beach walk was dry (except for Skye's feet).  You can see the dune grasses and trees starting to blush a fresh green here.
 As I said earlier in the post on Lyme disease, we had her to the vet for a check up, her annual shots, and some blood work to see if the arthritis medicine was having any negative effects.  So far, so good, but the results for the blood work aren't back yet.  However, she didn't seem to stressed out about it all.
 Here you can see pollen washed out of the air, and floating in a backwater area in front of a jetty, pushed there by the wind.  Pollen in sediment cores has been used to indicate what kind of plants grew around the Bay in times past and how the land has changed with human occupation.
The tide was near a normal low and falling, and lots of shell hash was exposed.  We found some 25 sharks teeth, of which this quarter sized Snaggletooth, seen in situ,  was the largest.
Just a pretty picture from up the beach, showing the trees greening.  No sign of swans or eagles or ospreys (I did see both eagles and ospreys at work yesterday), but there was still a small flock of Bufflehead ducks offshore.

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