Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rule 5 Saturday - 30 Days of Darkness Lost in the Glades with Kiele Sanchez

The day after cataract surgery this week, I found my eyes resting on Kiele Sanchez, playing the vampire killer Stella Oleson in "30 Days of Night: Dark Days", the sequel to the original "30 Days of Night".  What can I say, she looked good in a blood soaked T-shirt.

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I recognized her as the love interest, Callie Cargill, from the "Glades", a quirky detective show on AE the last couple of years, and wondered if there was enough material on her to be worthy of a full Rule 5 post.  I hope you'll agree there there's more than sufficient.

My extensive research (Wikipedia and IMDB; I'm nothing if not thorough) revealed that she has also had the role of Nikki Fernandez in "Lost", the meandering ABC melodrama about some morons marooned on a tropical island with Polar Bears.  I was shocked, shocked, to find that the writers were winging it, and had no intention of ever really explaining all that BS.  I followed it for a while, but gave up after it got too silly. She was killed off after six episodes because her character made too much sense for the fans.

A native Chicagoan, born in 1976, she has, of course, moved to L.A. to be closer to the action.  She began acting in 2000, with a number of TV roles to her credit, and a few movies, including "Insantarium", a 2008 video Zombie flick.  In 2009 she also starred with a previous Rule 5 zombie killer Milla Jovovitch in "A Perfect Getaway", a movie a about a tropical island vacation gone wrong.  Has she been type cast, or does she just choose roles in tropical settings?

Most recently (2011) she played in a TV movie for "Burn Notice", another cable TV drama, which I occasionally use to fill in when network TV sucks (which is most of the time), and Deadliest Catch is in reruns...

That's about all I got.  Enjoy the rest of the pictures.

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