Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to Shuck an Oyster

The Bay News today is filled with repeats.  The Striped Bass Young of the Year Survey shows burgeoning populations. Maryland is proposing to burn chicken $#!* to make electrical power and Save the Bay.  Somebody wants to Save the Bay with algae. Menhaden are important.  Farmers are unhappy with the Bay Pollution Diet.

The only reasonably new article in all this is an illustrated set of instructions on how to shuck an oyster.  Now that it's oyster season again, this might even have some value to you.

Step 4
I have shucked literally thousands of oysters of all sizes, mostly in the name of science.  The instructions are about right.  So now, go out and get yourself a bushel and enjoy. And if you don't like shucking them (they scream, very quietly, but some of us can hear them), you can always steam them open.

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