Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

A few Halloween pinups:

First, some old ones.  One by Alberto Vargas:
One by Gil Elvgren:

One by George Petty Kent Steine: 

Update 3/17/12:  I've just receive a very gracious email from the actual artist of the picture below, who is not George Petty as I had thought, but rather Kent Steine.  My apologies for the confusion.

One by Bill Randall:

And some more modern ones.  Dave Stevens:

Can't quite read the name on the signature for this one..

Archie Dickens

Gonzolo Flores:

Danilo Guida:

And finally Elivra, Mistress of the Dark, as envisioned by Olivia de Bernardis:

My effusive thanks to The One and Only Wombat over at the The Other McCain, who acknowledged all my Rule 5 ramblings from last week in his weekly canonical Rule 5 compilation.

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