Friday, October 21, 2011

Tennesse Lawmakers Propose "Gibson Owners Protection"

Cooper, Blackburn seek protection for musicians after Gibson raid 
A duo of Tennessee lawmakers introduced a bill today aimed at protecting musicians whose instruments were manufactured with wood that became illegal to use under 2008 amendments to the Lacey Act.

The legislation would safeguard any foreign wood products that a person owned before May 22, 2008, the date the amendments to the Lacey Act took effect. Those changes expanded the law’s protection to a broader range of plants and plant products. The Lacey Act, among other things, makes it unlawful to import certain plants and plant products without an import declaration.

Federal agents executed a search warrant against Gibson Guitar Gibson Guitar Latest from The Business Journals Gibson CEO says he may send jobs overseasGibson CEO says he may send jobs overseasGibson Guitar hires D.C. lobbyists to fight Lacey Act Follow this company earlier this year, alleging the Nashville-based guitar maker had illegally imported the ebony and rosewood used in its iconic guitars.

In the aftermath of those raids, much of the music community feared federal authorities would confiscate their guitars and other instruments. The Justice Department later issued a letter clarifying that people who “unknowingly” possess instruments that might contain illegally taken wood “do not have criminal exposure.”

On Thursday, Democrat Jim Cooper and Republican Marsha Blackburn said that clarification was not enough.
I mean, I'd trust the Federal Government if it said they'd leave you alone forever.  It worked for the Indians Native Americans, right?

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