Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Got a Little More Fishing In 10/22/11

The wind calmed down this afternoon, so after mowing the lawn, I took off to try my hand at fishing.

As soon as I left the harbor I ran into this bunch of birds diving on fish that were splashing.

I tried a number of tricks, and caught one small bluefish.  I suspect it was most small rockfish with a few blues mixed in.  If I'd tried a smaller lure, I'd probably have caught some small rockfish too, but since that wasn't the point, I move on.
A view of Flag Ponds Park from the water, with the beginnings of Fall color. 

 I tried taking a lot of sunset pictures tonight, with varying success.  The setting son shines on a freighter going by out in the shipping channel, about 3 miles out.

I caught one keeper stripped bass, a mere 19 inches long, and a couple of smalls.  I lost one fish that might have been bigger.
 Sunset getting going better.
 Even more...
Sunset as viewed by the "sunset" function of the camera.  I don't remember it being quite that intense.

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