Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cool at the Beach 10/22/11

A bit chilly and breezy at the beach this morning.  A heavy shirt was just right, cool to start off with, and a little warm by the end.  The beach is still recovering from the great trash landing after Tropical Storm Lee.

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There were lots of cast off Horseshoe Crab carapaces scattered around the tide line.  It seems late this year; most years September seems to be the month they hit the beach in big numbers.
It appears the Joel and the Ospreys may have deserted the beach about the same time.  We saw no Ospreys, but plenty of Bald Eagles, both adult, like this one, and juvenile.  Good to see them doing so well
 Our tree colors are just getting going. At this point, our Tulip Poplars are well on their way to turning golden, while Sweet Gum, Black Gum, maples and Eastern Dogwoods are turning red.  Our oaks and hickories have not done much yet, probably holding out for an actual frost as encouragement.
Here in a backwater behind the jetty, drift of ground up wood and other organic debris, still part of the Lee's legacy.  This too will end up being dispersed, buried or pushed to the top of the beach and turned in soil.

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