Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maybe They Won't Sell Them the Rope After All

Goldman Sachs Drops OWS Fundraiser

Here is a bank Goldman Sachs won't be backing - the one honoring Occupy Wall Street.

Financial titan Goldman Sachs pulled out of a fundraiser for a small Lower East Side bank that caters to poor people after it learned the event's honoree was the group bashing them, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Credit Union, a local bank that lends to low-income families, secured the sponsorship of Goldman Sachs for its 25th anniversary gala before it announced who it was honoring.

When Goldman learned recently that Occupy Wall Street was being recognized at the Nov. 3 event, its bosses withdrew its name from the fundraiser and a $5,000 pledge.
Seeing as how Goldman Sach did play a substantial role in producing the current economic problems,  it's role as a training ground for administration economic hacks (both former Treasury Secretary Paulson and current Treasury Secretary Geithner's Chief of Staff are former GS employees), and their financial support for the Obama political machine I'll have a certain amount of respect with OWS if they take on Goldman Sachs.  But since the administration and Goldman Sachs are snug in bed together, no doubt the OWS protesters will be giving them the kid gloves treatment.

Ann Althouse provides this nice Venn diagram explaining the relationship between the OWS movement and the Tea Party:

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