Sunday, October 30, 2011

Testing the New Eye at the Beach

Boy, was it cold this morning! Frost on the roofs and cars.  After the nor'easter and the full day of rain we had yesterday, the blue sky was welcome, but it came with a 20 mph wind out of the north.  But Skye insisted, after having been cheated yesterday, so we bundled up and went to the beach, a little late, to give it time to warm up some.
Fall color in a doomed Tulip Poplar tree.  This tree is steadily being undermined by the erosion of the cliffs, and one of these days we'll come to the beach and it will be lying there.  Hopefully we won't be anywhere nearby when it falls.
The eagle was NOT in his accustomed perch this morning, but it's pretty likely one of the two I saw perching a little further down the beach. This was about as close as he/she let me come...
before it flew off.  I got a lot of pictures of white eagle tails this morning.  Some of them are even in focus.
Skye loves the change in weather.  It can't get cold enough for her.  She was running around like a puppy again.  So now she'll get her arthritis medicine and limp around all day.
Georgia climbing over the log and jetty combination that the beach throws up to impede easy walking.  Skye just goes under the log, but us bipeds prefer a solution that doesn't get our hands wet and sandy.
The eye seemed to be working OK.  At this point, I don't have a really good pair of glasses that makes both eyes happy; my old prescription utterly fails to help the repaired eye.  I settled for the cheap sunglasses they gave me to leave the hospital, but those give me no close visions to speak of.  The new eye still isn't quite as clear as the other one at distance, but it's more colorful...

I did OK, but Georgia found more than twice as many teeth as I did.
Despite the wind and cold there were still a few butterflies flitting around.  This one stood still long enough to get a picture.

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