Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beach Walk With a Guest 10/1/11

As you can see, the beach continues to improve from the great post-Lee trash fall. The weather has really turned here.  It's overcast and showery.  The temperature is struggling to get much above 50 F.  Definitely the beginning of fall weather.  Even a few trees are starting to turn yellow or red.
Alex and Kelly came down last night.  They're headed out for their honeymoon this afternoon (gone already, in fact). We're taking care of their dog, Hendrix, for the week.  Our dogs get along great, fortunately.  We took her with us to the beach this morning while Alex and Kelly repacked.
An eagle was flying around when we arrived, but it set down in a tree and allowed us to approach close enough for me to get this shot.  Ospreys are still here, but  it won't belong before the eagles are hunting for themselves again.
One of the Great Blue Herons tries out the posing post...
This is a shed horseshoe crab shell.  A large number of them seem to shed in September, and lots of their shells in a variety of sizes wash up.  I haven't seen as many as usual this year; maybe the low salinity kept most of them farther south.  You can take these and wash them out (to help keep the smell down, and get rid of sand), then pose them to dry.  I've even seen people paint them.
Fishermen on the jetty, and a crab boat working close by.  It was fishing pots right off the jetty, and he didn't look happy maneuvering so close to it.  I wonder if some of his pots got blown in closer than where he set them.  You can see the effect of the Fata Morgana mirage over at Taylor's Island in the back. 
... is an Italian phrase derived from the vulgar Latin for "fairy" and the Arthurian sorceress Morgan le Fay, from a belief that the mirage, often seen in the Strait of Messina, were fairy castles in the air or false land designed to lure sailors to their death created by her witchcraft.

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