Sunday, January 1, 2017

First Beach Post of 2017

It was low tide, almost 50 F, mostly sunny and not windy, so why not?
 And Skye had already started lobbying.
 A few other hearty souls and their people were out.
This doesn't happen every day.
 A relatively large Lions Mane jellyfish washed up. It was about a foot across. They get much bigger, but not usually around here. Not to be confused with a huge breast implant.
The Bufflehead ducks are in at the harbor (and have been for a few weeks). There are also lots of Oldsquaw offshore, but not within easy camera view.
A ship is in at the Gas Docks. The project down there to convert the Gas Dock from an export to an import facility is well along. As of August:

  • The terminal is 67% complete and on track for an in-service date in late 2017.
  • There are currently 1,800 construction workers on site.
  • All of the concrete has been poured, the sound wall is finished, and more than 50% of the steel has been installed for this project.
  • 31 of the 34 barge loads have been received and 68 of the 77 heavy haul deliveries have been transported.

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