Monday, June 3, 2024

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Trump Troubles 

Thread from Former FEC Chairman Whose Testimony Merchan Refused to Allow in Trump Trial DAMNING Must-Read – Twitchy
Brad Smith on X: "Let's take a stab... Falsifying business records under NY law is a misdemeanor, unless done to hide a crime. Bragg says that crime was a violation of the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA), or of a NY statute making it illegal to influence an election by "unlawful" means./1"
Dershowitz Says Trump Could Fast-Track His Appeal to Supreme Court - The Epoch Time
'Intentional Misfeasance' Makes Trump Conviction Ripe For Reversal
Trump’s Trial Is a Symptom of a Larger Crisis in American Justice - American Greatness
Althouse: If the accused is guilty, does it matter if the prosecution is political?
Will Trump Be Incarcerated? Yes. - by Paul - The Ops Desk
Of Course They'll Put Trump in Jail – PJ Media
Bill Maher suggests jailing Trump could inflame racial tensions to the point of war - Washington Examiner
If Trump goes to prison after guilty verdict, Secret Service will go with him - Fox News
New York Governor Unlikely to Pardon Trump, Despite Bipartisan Appeal - The Epoch Times
Sunday Talks - ABC George Stephanopoulos Claims Trump Prosecution Not Motivated by Politics - The Last Refuge
Newt Gingrich: Trump Verdict Feeds the Left, Fuels the Right -
Sen. Joni Ernst to Newsmax: More Backing Trump After 'Sham' Trial -
Senator Mitt Romney accuses Alvin Bragg of ‘political malpractice’ in Trump case - The Post Millennial
Not 'by Accident': Ted Cruz Blasts How Entire Trump Trial 'Is Designed to Interfere With Election'
Former VP Mike Pence Speaks Out: Trump Conviction 'Disservice to the Nation' – RedState
Haley Backers Urge Her To Restart Campaign In Wake Of Verdict - Off The Press
Sunday Talks - President Trump Fox and Friends Weekend Interview - The Last Refuge
Althouse: Sean Ono Lennon is just opting out and watching the shit show.
'Breaking Point' - Off The Press

Biden Misdismal Administration

Biden isn't down in polls because of Trump. It's the economy, stupid
Why Joe Biden's Hur Interview Recording Was Hidden – HotAir
DOJ cites AI deepfakes as reason to withhold Hur interview audio - Washington Examiner
The Deepfake Privilege? The Justice Department Makes Startling Claim to Withhold the Biden-Hur Audiotape – JONATHAN TURLEY
WATCH: Joe Biden's Senior Moment of the Week (Vol. 96)
Hunter Biden's gun charge trial set to begin three days after verdict in Trump case - Just The News
Hunter Biden's Ex-Wife, Two Former Lovers To Testify At Gun Trial - Off The Press
Why It's Even More Egregious That Biden Is Still Bragging About Defying SCOTUS on Student Debt
WE Paid Off the Student Loans of the Mayor of St Paul MN - His Salary Is $170K – HotAir
US dampens criticism of El Salvador's president as migration overtakes democracy concerns - National Post
Wait - I thought POTATUS COULDN'T Issue a Border Executive Order? – HotAir
Biden's Delusions About Hamas Continue – HotAir

Politics, As Usual

The Trump VP Will Be…
Do Not Underestimate - Icon Status - President Trump is now on TikTok - The Last Refuge
‘Round Of Applause … Is Pretty Staggering’: UFC 302 Crowd Erupts Into Wild Cheers Over Trump - The Daily Caller
Trump Campaign Sends Cease-&-Desist Order To Rep Bob Good's Campaign Over Yard Signs - Off The Press

The Culture Wars 

LA Lifeguard Says He Was Punished for Not Flying Pride Flag – PJ Media
BMJ Exposes Scientific American’s Editor-in-Chief – HotAir

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad up at The Other McCain.

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