Thursday, March 3, 2022

Special Counsel Suggests Decertifying Wisconsin 2020 Election

The big story of the day is the bolding of one of the asterisks for President**** Biden. First from JTN, Wisconsin voting probe chief urges Legislature to consider decertifying 2020 election, "Former Supreme Court justice Mike Gableman cites evidence that "most vulnerable citizens" in nursing homes were defrauded, Mark Zuckerberg donations were improper and some rule changes were illegal." and Wisconsin special counsel bombshell: 91 nursing homes had 95-100% voter turnout in 2020. The text of the report.  The demented voting for the demented. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed, Wisconsin Special Counsel Finds ‘Widespread Election Fraud’ In 2020 Nursing Homes and Breaking: Special Counsel Finds Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Money Violated Wisconsin Bribery Laws. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.02.22, The Geller Report: Special Counsel Finds Zuck’s Election Money Violated Wisconsin Bribery Laws, Arizona Senate Study Shows 200k 2020 Ballots With Mismatched Signatures Counted. At, Gableman report suggests 2020 election can be decertified, calls for dismantling elections commission. Emerald Robinson, Wisconsin Special Counsel Says: 2020 Election Should Be Decertified. Matt Margolis at PJ Media, 2020 Wisconsin Vote Should Be Decertified, Investigator Says. At HE, Chief of Wisconsin Voting Probe Calls on Legislature to Consider Decertifying 2020 Election. Monica Showalter at Am Think, Zuckerbucks declared 'bribery' by special counsel in Wisconsin "Is the needle finally moving?" I doubt it; I haven't seen mention of it from any mainline news, including Fox. Mark Tapscott at Insty, MOST HONEST ELECTION EVER? 

An investigation found “rampant fraud and abuse” that happened “statewide at Wisconsin’s nursing homes and other residential care facilities,” according to the Badger State’s Special Counsel Michael Gableman.

The irrepressible Margot Cleveland has the details. Prediction: Democrats and their mainstream media boosters will soon begin to concede that “there may have been a few problems here and there in individual states, but the 2020 presidential election was still the most honest, transparent election in the entire history of the universe.” Or something to that effect. You heard it here first.

But, from KT at Haut Hair, Biden: GOP trying to make black votes "not even count" during White House Black History Month celebration. At Front Page, GOP 'Gerrymandering' is 'Racist' -- Obama-Mandering is Just Politics

At CNS News, Gallup: 78% of Americans Dissatisfied With Direction of U.S, and 22% are stoned. At Ace's Quick Hits, Ukraine Crisis Isn't Boosting Biden's Popularity. KT at Haut Hair, Rep. Spartz: "This is Not a War. This is a Genocide", Biden will have "the blood of Ukrainians on his hands."  Fox, Pelosi suggests Biden's approval rating low because Americans uninformed, "Pelosi says Americans are 'blessed' to have Biden as president." Instaquip,  FROM THE WOMAN WHO FAMOUSLY SAID, “WE HAVE TO PASS THE BILL SO YOU CAN FIND OUT WHAT IS IN IT.”   At Am Con, Democrats Face Fate Of Whigs, "Elite parties defined by opposition to a single man do not have good prospects for success." At the Slantic, Elaine Godfrey wrings her metaphorical hands about The Vibe Shift on Capitol Hill, "The events of the past two years have frayed relationships and shattered trust. Can Congress find a new normal?" They're afraid of losing. They should be. JTN, Jim Jordan lays out 3 investigations a GOP-led House would pursue. Fauci, immigration, and Garland memo. The Peacock whines Anti-Trump Republicans struggle to plot path forward and NYT (cited at Haut Hair) worries about How immigration politics is driving some Hispanics to the GOP and NYPO fears Michelle Obama could put GOP in ‘very difficult position’ in 2024: former Trump official. I think she's allergic to hard work. At WaT, Sen. Joe Manchin sits with Republicans during State of the Union. Hmmm. 

In the runup to the midterms, AP, Texas primary sets up Abbott-O’Rourke race as midterms begin. Fox announces Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wins the GOP gubernatorial nomination. WaEx, Greg Abbott and "Beaner" O’Rourke win Texas gubernatorial primaries. In other Texas news, Ken Paxton and George P. Bush will advance to May runoff in Texas attorney general primary, CNN projects and John Sexton at Haut Hair wonders Texas primary battle: Can Rep. Cuellar survive? (Update: Runoff). WaEx's Paul Bedard sees Ohio’s Timken claims title: ‘The real Trump conservative’ and at the Star, As New Poll Shows Him Leading Pack, Ohio Senate Hopeful Mike Gibbons Tells The Ohio Star: ‘I Am Tea Party at My Roots’. KTTH Washington (state), Rantz: Inslee compares his fight to punish political speech to Ukraine’s war heroesSeth Barrett Tillman@SethBTillman, "NBC: Wisconsin governor's race & chances of Dem incumbent's being returned to office affected by rising crime. This is considered news. The NBC story is not about rising crime, but about Reps pouncing on Dem incumbent. No explanation why crime is up." AllahPundit at Haut Hair whines How can McCarthy back Liz Cheney's primary challenger if he won't back Marjorie Taylor Greene's? and Awkward: McConnell dumps on Rick Scott's new agenda -- right after Scott finishes speaking

Of course, Biden rejects executive privilege for ex-Trump advisers Flynn, Navarro. I'd say wait until the foo is on the other shit, but by then, he'll be a drooling idiot and won't care. 

Ace, It's a Miracle! Covid Ends in Blue States at Same Time Democrat Pollster Warns That Covid Must End! Fox, Jen Psaki pressed on timing of White House dropping mask mandate: ‘What changed in the science?’. CNN, White House will roll out next phase of Covid-19 response Wednesday  From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.02.22 at Behind The Black: First Delivery Of New Starlink Terminals Arrives In Ukraine, The Democrats Now Prove There Never Was Any Science. Ace, Deranged, Neurotic, Fear-Sowing NPC Media Really Not Taking Brandon's Pollster's Directives Very Well

They especially just can't quit dunking on DeSantis -- despite the entire State of the Union being a bunch of 60, 70, and 80 year olds milling about in a confined space, shaking hands, hugging, and... head-butting each other for two hours without masks. But healthy, vigorous DeSantis hanging out maskless with college students? What a hazard!

And  DeSantis to Students: Take Those Mask Off, They're Not Doing Anything, We Have to Stop With This Covid Theater, "Bill Kristol Attacks DeSantis. Video below." At Da Caller, DeSantis Sparks Backlash After He Tells Kids They Don’t Need Masks. VodkaPundit at PJ Media notes Eliminate Science With California's 1 Weird Trick. "If today it suits those who control the Science!™ to make everyone wear masks, then everyone will wear masks. If tomorrow, political expediency requires no mask mandates, then the Science!™ will be updated accordingly." Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, D.C. Schools: Screw the CDC. The masks stay on in schools. From what I've seem most D.C. kids don't go the school anyway. Across da pond at Da Mail, So, what was the point? Cloth masks allow 90% of particles to filter through giving them little ability to prevent  COVID transmission, study finds. Paul Bedard at WaEx quotes Stephen Miller: Defeat ‘mandate-mad Dems,’ or masks will return. “If Dems aren’t thoroughly drubbed in the midterm elections, they will not only bring the mandates back with a vengeance, but they will make a point of punishing and shaming all dissenters,” warned Stephen Miller, founder of America First Legal. Marty Makary at NYPo, The CDC — which is withholding information — has a hidden agenda

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.02.22 Legal Insurrection: Glenn Youngkin Releases Report On Efforts To Fight CRT. and a VIDEO: Seattle-Area School Board Defends Segregating Meetings by Skin Color. At Da Fed, New Report Shatters Media Lie That CRT Isn’t Taught In Virginia Schools. Robert Spencer at PJ Media, ACLU, ALA, PEN Fight ‘Censorship’ in Schools, That Is, Parents Resisting Leftist Indoctrination. From Da Caller, ‘This Is Free Speech’: Mom Confronts Sheila Jackson Lee At Hearing On CRT. Insty, WE CAN HOPE: Coalition for TJ v. Fairfax County School Board: The Shape of Things to Come?. Larry Sand at Am Great, on the Frisco Frolics, "In a recall effort in which many liberals had been pushed too far and Asian Americans were galvanized, progressive school boards are being forced to hear common sense." Chris Bedford at Da Fed notes Democrats Have A Teachers Union Problem

So who's up for a link dump on the SOTU? 

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