Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Are You Ready for Some SOTU?

So I hear Preznit Biden is going to read his speech tonight. I don't envy him. I'll bet he had a lot of long excuses cooked up for inflation, rising crime, and the few hundred thousand deaths from WuFlu on his watch. And then the Russians invaded Ukraine and blew that plan to hell.

Stephen Kruiser at the PJ Media The Morning Briefing: Oh God, Biden Is Going to Try and Use Words. Stacy McCain, on Our Feeble-Minded Commander-in-Chief "If you’re also optimistic about “what we all have to look forward to,” then your brain must have turned completely to mush, too." BPR, Even Stephanopoulos focused on Biden’s ‘mental capacity,’ grilling Psaki on president’s ‘sharpness’. Ace, Disastrous Polls for "President" Biden, as Even the Left-Skewing ABC/Washington Post Poll Finds a Majority Now Consider Him Mentality Unfit to be President. Stephen Green at PJ Media VIP wonders Has Joe Biden Been Sniffing His Own Gaslight Fumes?. John Solomon at JTN, Ahead of State of Union, confidence in Biden plummets while GOP fortunes rise, "President’s approval falls to new low of 37%, poll finds." Chris Cantrill at Am Think thinks The State of the Union is: Dumb. "How come today’s rulers are so dumb? I’ll tell you: because they can afford to be dumb."

Virginia Kruta at Da Wire reports Two Democrats (And One Republican) Are Now Scheduled To Respond To Biden’s State Of The Union. The two Democrats are Rashida Tlaib, representing the far left wing, and Colin Allred (D-TX) representing the Black (Democrat) Caucus. At Anxious, House centrists compare Tlaib to "keying your own car." At Wa Free Bee, Sen. Rubio Says He Will Take Pass On Biden’s SOTU, Fed Up With “COVID Theater Crap” Required. "Lawmakers must submit a negative PCR COVID test on Monday and during the speech wear a KN95 or N95 mask “at all times.” Social distancing guidelines will be enforced, and all who enter must use hand sanitizer upon entry. A COVID vaccine is “strongly recommended.”"

At Da Caller, afraid of a few hundred thousand truckers, Humvees Patrol US Capitol As New Fences Go Up Ahead Of Biden’s SOTU Speech. The Peacock, Fence reinstalled around Capitol building ahead of Biden's State of the Union, "The fence is the same barrier that remained around the Capitol for months after the Jan. 6 riot and during the “Justice for J6” rally." Eric Lendrum at Am Great, Another Fence to be Built Around the Capitol Ahead of Biden State of the Union Address. But they told us fences and walls don't work! PM, BREAKING: DeSantis REJECTS Biden's request for Florida National Guard deployment for State of the Union

Paul Bedard at WaEx, Just 23% of Democrats choose Biden, who faces ‘landslide’ loss to Trump. Capt Ed at Haut Hair has a CNN poll on Ukraine war: No rally effect for Biden, but near unanimity against Russia. Guy Benson at Town Hall touts  A New Poll Blowout: GOP Bounces To Historic Lead on 2022 Ballot.

At Da Caller, Rep. Ted Deutch Becomes The 31st Democrat To Announce His Retirement Ahead Of 2022 Midterms. John Sexton at Haut Hair. 31 and counting: Democratic Rep. Ted Deutch will not run for reelection. If they didn't expect to lose, they wouldn't quit. Also at Da Caller, Ilhan Omar’s Republican Challenger Is Not Messing Around "A Muslim Army veteran, Abdirahman posted the campaign ad to Twitter under the caption, “Ilhan Omar was given a second chance when America took her in — but chose to ridicule the very country that saved her life.”

Natalia Mittelstadt at JTN reports Arizona Senate study estimates 200k ballots counted in 2020 with mismatched signatures, "Estimate is more than eight times the number of mismatches acknowledged by the county." The Biden "victory" margin in AZ was about 10 k. At the Slantic She Defended Democracy. Do Voters Care?, "Secretary of State Katie Hobbs might wind up the only person standing between Arizona and the triumph of the Big Lie." Mary Chastain at LI hears Stacey Abrams Admit Americans Should ‘Legitimately Question’ the Election System, "Unless you’re Donald Trump." Ed Driscoll at Insty, PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE: Biden Claims Republicans Are Trying to Keep Black Americans’ Votes ‘From Even Counting.’ "President Biden on Monday claimed Republicans are trying to figure out how to keep black Americans’ votes “from even counting” during a Black History Month event as the White House*." Summit News posts a Video of MSNBC STILL Claiming Trump Was “INSTALLED” To Help Russia Vs NATO.  At NYPo, Michael Goodwin tells Trump, Forget the past 2020 election ‘steal,’ Donald — seize the opportunity now. Easier said than done. At Da Wire, Kamala Harris: ‘Elections Matter … In This Case, They Got What They Asked For’, gooder and harder. 

At Ace's The Morning Rant: Scattered Buck Shots – 02/28/2022. Bidenflation: “Market Pricing” on Fast Food

“Market pricing” on fast food is going to be a thing now, I guess.

One day this past week I strolled from my office to a nearby Panera to grab a sandwich to-go. I was given a paper menu without any prices on it. I inquired of the cashier about the lack of prices, and she responded that it’s because prices keep going up so fast. She instructed me to simply tell her what I’d like to order, then she’d ring it up and be able to tell me the price.

The very next day, I went to the drive-through at a regional burger/slider franchise. I ordered a $6.99 combo, which according to some quick mental math should have totaled up to about $7.65 with the 9.25% sales tax. But instead, the cashier told me my total was $7.93. I asked why the price was 30 cents higher than would be expected, and she responded that prices have gone up again, but because of staffing issues (four people had quit or didn’t show up) they can’t even get outside to update the price board.

Now that we’re living in Bidenzuela, merchants might just have to give up on trying to keep prices posted as they rise.

At the College Fix, Conservative college students: Russian-Ukraine conflict would not have happened under Trump. But Jim Treacher catches Libs Blaming Ukraine on... Ron DeSantis?!?. Why? Lou Aguilar at Am Spec, The Red Wave Forms in Florida, "A report from CPAC 2022, where Gov. Ron DeSantis stole the show." HuffP, cited at Haut Hair hopes to convince you Conservatives are warming to the idea of a post-Trump GOP. KT at Haut Hair thinks Tom Cotton's pitch perfect pushback on George Stephanopoulos is a model for GOP politicians

Filed under Aw shucks,  At Da Wire Alabama Man’s ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ License Plate Recalled Over ‘Objectionable’ Language. That's no fun. At the Center Square, Tennessee Senate passes residency requirement for congressional primaries, which apparently eliminates Fox News cutie Morgan Ortagus. Darn.

Althouse finds NYT reviewer which claims Barr didn't go far enough in condemning Trump, "This is a pattern in Barr’s book: He nitpicks his way to desired conclusions by carefully navigating a lawyerly path around finely drawn distinctions, all the while lobbing bomblets at anyone he defines as an enemy." I'm shocked, shocked.

Ken Masugi at Am Great tells us How to Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, "Her race is irrelevant. Her membership in the administrative state elite is all-important." Mike Miller at Red State discloses Biden Supreme Court Nominee Decisions Reversed for 'Judicial Overreach' and Other Troubling Facts. Madeleine Hubbard at JTN adds Biden SCOTUS nominee criticized 'excessiveness' of sex offender punishments, "Article was published anonymously in 1996 by Harvard Law Review, but Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson did not disclose her authorship until the Senate Judiciary Committee asked her to list published writings as part of her confirmation process." Dan Greenfield at Front Page, Biden’s Supreme Court Pick is a Racist Attack on the Constitution. That's a stretch. Vet hard, vet fair. 

Regarding the Canadian truck protest, which inspired the People's Convoy, Dave Solway at PJ Media calls the Trudeau regime, The Government From Hell, positing the NewNeo to agree Canada’s trucker convoy may be over, but the problems are hardly over for the truckers – and for the rest of us. Elle Reynolds at Da Fed wonders Could Canadians Targeted By Trudeau Qualify For Political Asylum In The United States? At Am Mind, Alexander Leishman discusses  Bitcoin Versus the Bond Villains. If they can't find it, they can't seize it. Front Page derides Canada Nice, "North of the border, too many prize “community” over individual liberty." That same can be said of many here. But there's a reason we rebelled against Britain and they never did. 

At CTH, sundance has Day Five Update, Oklahoma, The People’s Convoy Crosses America. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair VIP, Terrifying truck drivers result in fences going back up on Capitol Hill. David Catron at Am Spec, Walling Off Washington From the Great Unwashed, "The Beltway braces for an imminent invasion … of American citizens." JTN reports Illinois State Police threaten legal consequences for convoy participants, "Those who choose to participate in events that intentionally endanger the public and violate Illinois law will be subject" to legal action, officials say." 

At Buzzfeed, they pretend to know what you need to know, The First Jan. 6 Trial Starts Tomorrow. Here’s What You Need To Know. Can he get a fair trial in Washington D.C.? PM, BREAKING: Jan 6 defendant takes his own life. JTN, Jan. 6 defendant reportedly commits suicide. The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great asks Who Is Responsible for the Death of Matthew Perna?, "For the first time in over a year, Joe Biden’s Justice Department has nothing to say about a January 6 defendant." At Behind the Black, Today’s blacklisted American: Jan 6th demonstrator apparently commits suicide due to Biden administration persecution. Althouse cites his obit in "Matthew Lawrence Perna died on Feb. 25, 2022, of a broken heart. His community (which he loved), his country, and the justice system killed his spirit and his zest for life...." Are you satisfied now, Merrick Garland? 

From JTN, Hawaiian Judge dismisses Jan. 6 cases against Giuliani and Don Jr., not Trump, "The Obama-appointed judge accused Trump of knowing that supporters "were prepared to partake in violence for him."  But don't fret, Michael Anton at Am Mind says Everything Is Fine, facetiously. But AllahPundit at Haut Hair claims Mark Levin at CPAC says Conservatives shouldn't support populist "mob rule"

On mask and vaccine mandates and lock downs et al, Stacy McCain sees The Science™ Is Actually The Politics™ as Ace notes Surprise! The Science (TM) on Masking Changes Just In Time to Allow Congressmen to Attend the State of the Union Mask-Free!  Congress drops mask mandate ahead of Biden’s State of the Union address (PM). Politico, Capitol leaders rescind mask mandate ahead of State of the Union. Mary Chastain at LI, House Floor Mask Requirements Lifted Just in Time for Biden’s SOTU, "It’s so weird how the science changes with polling numbers." But Capt. Ed cites Politico: Biden won't declare "mission accomplished" on COVID in SOTU after all

At LI, Lauren Eastman, NYC Mayor Eric Adams Plans to Drop Vaccine Mandate, Masks in Schools. At Da Wire, California, Washington, Oregon To Lift School Mask Mandates. Rick Moran at PJ Media VIP, Illinois Gov. Pritzker Abandons Mask Mandate, but Chicago Teachers' Union Has Other Ideas. John Sexton at Haut Hair, California and Illinois lift school mask mandates but teachers' unions in San Francisco and Chicago say not for their kids. WebMD, Flight Attendants Union Wants Face Mask Rule Extended. Another from Mary Chastain at LI, FEMA: If Faced With Nuclear Explosion, Wear a Mask and Maintain Social Distancing Recommendations, "If you’re concerned about COVID as a nuclear bomb heads your way you need help." AllahPundit gratified, AMA president: Never mind the new CDC guidance. I'll keep masking indoors and you should too.

Also at Ace Leana Wen on CNN: Gee, There's This New Study That Says That School Closures Have Caused Major Developmental Delays in Schoolchildren. Scott Turman at Da Fed, Medical Institutions Ignore The Obvious Damage Mask Mandates Are Doing To Children’s Language Development

Gary Anderson at Am Spec, Dr. Strangefauci or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the COVID, "Bureaucrats in lab coats are ridiculously clueless." Insty, HE’S RIGHT, YOU KNOW: Shapiro REACTS to SNL’s Insane COVID Hypocrisy Skit. "Go apologize to the Canadian truckers. On your knees, you hypocritical bastards."

At Front Page John Stossel attacks The Woke American Medical Association, another fine example of O'Sullivan's Law. 
The American Medical Association now tells doctors: Use woke language! It's issued a 54-page guide telling doctors things like, don't say "equality"; say "equity." Don't say "minority"; say "historically marginalized."

Much of the AMA's advisory sounds like Marxism: "Expose ... property rights ... Individualism is problematic ... Corporations ... limit prospects for good health ... people underpaid and forced into poverty as a result of banking policies."

This is too much even for some on the left, like writer Matthew Yglesias, whose article about the AMA caught my attention.

Bummer dude, from Twitchy, ‘Disastrous’: Wyoming Senate votes to eliminate the University of Wisconsin’s gender studies department. At Campus Reform Math education prof: 2+2 = 4 'trope' 'reeks of white supremacy patriarchy' "They asserted that the statement “2 plus 2 equals 4” is rooted in Western definitions of mathematics." Fire them and replace them with people with working brains. 

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