Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rule 5 Saturday - Chicks Who Dig Star Wars

Once again, toiling in the Rule 5 salt mines, trying to think of something interesting and amusing to post.  I look around in the old junk picture directory, and what do I see, but a few girls dressed up as Star Wars characters.  It seems like some girls like to get dressed up in skimpy costumes and pretend to be important universal villains or heroines and post their pictures on the internet.  Perfect!

Imperial Storm Troopers appear to be a popular and available model, and range from the Fantasy Armor type on the one below, who clearly rely on the the speed they gain from having almost nothing on to enable them to elude laser beams and exploding space ships, to the much more heavily armored, but curvaceous one above.  But how much of that is paint?

They can probably play head games with you at a convention; they all look alike with their helmets on.

Darth Vaderettes are also popular, with varying amounts of skin showing.  It would have been an interesting twist of the Star Wars mythos if Darth Vader had been Luke's mother.  It would have require all kinds of plot rewriting, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Hmmm, I'm not sure this one's really a chick, but.... Hello Kitty?  If it isn't female it should be.

Luke, you've been a bad boy, come here and get your spanking!

And then go report to the Admiral for some special punishment!

Not content to be a mere one person villain, this girl wanted to be whole planetoid of the them.

Look at that the wear on Roberta Fett's breast plate.  She must be a tough one!

Another one that must rely on speed instead of her armor.

Oola  la!  You can't tell me Lucas didn't have that pun written down somewhere.

And blue Oolas, doubled up!

And of course, the no Star Wars would be complete without Laea in her slave outfit!

That's a serious chain!  She could use that to beat the boys off with!

A modern version.

Who is that strange protocol droid?

A few special mentions.  The costumes aren't so good but they do get your attention. For example, this one is particularly inviting.  Good thing I'm not 18...

 A souless one...

 It could be a girl...

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