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Flotsam and Jetsam - Musk Jettisons Hunter Laptop Files

Flotsam and Jetsam - Flotsam (also known as "flotsan") refers to goods from a sunken vessel that have floated to the surface of the sea, or any floating cargo that is cast overboard. In maritime law, flotsam pertains to goods that are floating on the surface of the water as the result of a wreck or accident. One who discovers flotsam is allowed to claim it unless someone else establishes their ownership of it. Jetsam designates any cargo that is intentionally discarded from a ship or wreckage. Legally jetsam also floats, although floating is not part of the etymological meaning. Generally, "jettisoning" connotes the action of throwing goods overboard to lighten the load of the ship if it is in danger of sinking. Per maritime law, one who discovers these artifacts is not required to return them to their rightful owner except in the case where the latter makes a legally abiding claim. However, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration "flotsam may be claimed by the original owner, whereas jetsam may be claimed as property of whoever discovers it."

Yesterday, Elon Musk threw a bunch of Twitter files over the transom, specifically, files related to the treatment of the Hunter Biden laptop story, which twitter banned, and censored people who attempted to retweet it. He did this by handing the files to Matt Taibbi, a pro-free speech liberal, for publication and commentary on Twitter. The files show that Twitter did take suggestions for banning from government officials and politician, mostly, but not exclusively Democrats, Ace, "The Twitter Files" Is Being Tweeted Out One Tweet at a Time by Matt Taibbi. "Elon's offer to have me work all Friday night is declined. But here's the link." Twitchy, via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.02.22, does the best job of simply laying out the Tweets, Elon Musk (and Matt Taibbi) help explain ‘what really happened with the Hunter Biden story suppression’ (WOW); Updated, also, Glenn Greenwald’s Take On The “Twitter Files” Does Not Disappoint and Mark Ruffalo Gets Repeatedly Dragged After Calling For Nationalization Of Twitter, also from the Wombat, Da Tech Guy: Good News, Bad News about the Twitter Files -Truth and Consequences edition. Other coverage at Haut Hair by John Sexton, Elon Musk releases info on Twitter's suppression of the NY Post's Hunter Biden story. Spence Brown at Town Hall, Full Bombshell Thread on Twitter's Censorship of the Hunter Biden Laptop Story. Politico whines ‘This will be awesome’: Musk leaks Twitter's Hunter Biden files "The tech billionaire's latest move will likely ingratiate him further with conservatives — and plunge the social media platform deeper into political controversy." It's not a "leak" when you own it. At the Right Scoop, THE TWITTER FILES: Tucker Carlson breaks down the EXPLOSIVE Taibbi Twitter expos√©

Alhouse whines about How elite media is covering Elon Musk's dumping of information about how Twitter helped the Democratic Party in the 2020 election. "First, let me say, I would like a well-written, organized, comprehensive piece of writing explaining this material. Alternatively, show me everything — all the raw material. Instead, Elon Musk directed us to the Twitter account of Matt Taibbi, and we were expected to receive a long series of tweets and to puzzle through it. Was that to drive massive traffic to Twitter? Was it supposed to be better all fragmented like that? And Musk adds support to my hypothesis. "Me, in the previous post: Hypothesis: He didn't really have the story he wanted, so he went all out to churn traffic on Twitter." John Hinderacker at Power Line, How Twitter Helped Elect Joe Biden  At CTH, sundance hosts Tucker Carlson Discusses the Twitter Political Censorship and Targeting with James Woods. I won't embed it but it's worth the time. Nick Arama at Red State, James Woods Blows the Doors Off Dem Effort to Shut Him Down on Twitter. At Insty, IT’S NOW OBVIOUS WHY THEY DIDN’T WANT ELON MUSK TO HAVE CONTROL OF TWITTER, AND OF THE EVIDENCE OF WHAT THEY DID

Liz Brown at Reason worries Kanye's Suspension Shows Musk Twitter Might Look a Lot Like…Old Twitter. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Twitter: So long Kanye, we knew Ye too well. Bobby Miller at NRO, cited at Haut Hair, Musk was right to kick Kanye off Twitter. "Musk should stay the course. He hasn’t been perfect, but he seems to be taking “the bird” in the right direction." I think it was an act of compassion towards Ye. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.02.22, Louder With Crowder, Journalismer reveals the most offensive detail about Elon Musk yet. "The media is running out of excuses to attack Elon Musk, so Axios is trying something new. Declaring that Musk is totes a Republican now." Also Don Surber: NYT fights free speech, "The New York Times did a hit piece on the First Amendment today with a story, "Hate Speech’s Rise on Twitter Is Unprecedented, Researchers Find."

At Da Wire, Apple CEO Tim Cook Hides Behind Staffers As He’s Grilled For Enabling Communist China’s Human Rights Abuses. Spence Brown at Town Hall says Tim Cook's Silence Just Said, Everything. Dan Greenfield at Front Page observes Apple Crushes Dissent in America and China "Suppressing protests in China and censoring Twitter in America." At Ace's Morning Rant Buck Throckmorton wonders  What Can We Do To Counter the Power of Billionaire Philanthropaths?. You know, the guy (and gals) who want you to freeze at home in the dark eating bugs while they fly private jets to the tropics for Global Warming conferenced to sunbathe and eat Wagyu beef. 

Jazz Shaw reveals The Ministry of Truth was far more sinister than we were told "newly revealed documents presented by Senator Josh Hawley and others strongly suggest that the board had progressed far further than Mayorkas testified and he seemingly lied under oath about some of the details. (Yahoo News)"

The Peacock screeches Biden signs legislation to avert rail strike "The president defended the deal after an amendment to add seven days of paid sick leave for rail workers failed because of opposition from Republicans and Sen. Joe Manchin." At Da Wire, Hawley Tears Into Biden Admin, Democrats, Establishment GOP After Senate Imposes Labor Deal On Railroad Workers. At Twitchy, As Democrats vilify Republicans over rail worker sick leave, thread explains what’s REALLY happening. "You know, the bill evil Republicans voted against … is what the workers actually rejected. But Democrats, along with the media and their Lefty Twitter trolls, are framing this as BIG MEAN REPUBLICANS don’t want rail workers to have sick time." At CNS News, Biden Uses the Phrase 'Indian Country' 9 Times After Telling Tribes He Was Chided for Saying That. Da Caller, Tara Reade Calls GOP-Majority House To Investigate Alleged Sexual Assault By Joe Biden. I&I reports Interrogated By Cruz, Diplomat Gives False Testimony About Biden’s Billion Dollar Bribe.

At Da Wire, DeSantis Explains Why Republicans Failed To Deliver Red Wave During Midterms. From Hollywood in Toto, Disney Blinks, DeSantis Snags First Huge Win of 2024 Campaign "Florida governor follows Trump playbook in possible White House prelude." Capt. Ed, DeSantis: We will not undo repeal of Disney's tax district, keeping the squeeze on. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.02.22, Eric Lendrum at Am Great reports Florida Divests $2 Billion from BlackRock over ESG Policies.

RNC Research@RNCResearch "BIDEN: "I can't think of anything [Raphael Warnock] hasn't voted for with us.” “They’re running against him saying he votes 98% of the time with Joe Biden. I wouldn’t tell [Georgia voters] that on the phone.” From the Free Bacon, Chairwoman of Warnock’s Church Sits on Board of Firm Accused of ‘Shamelessly Profiting’ Off Low-Income Tenants, "Ebenezer Baptist Church under fire for evicting tenants from low-income apartment complex" At the Victory Girls, Obama Stumps For Slumlord Warnock In Georgia.

Guy Benson at Town Hall sees McConnell needle the Democrats, By the Way, House Democrats Have Chosen a Conspiratorial Election Denier As Their New Leader. David Strom at Haut Hair catches Time magazine making excuses for Hakeem Jeffries, Denying election results legit is not election denying. It seems to depend on whose ox is being gored.  From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.02.22, at Am Think David Fried thinks he has Advice for Kari, Blake, and Mark, "#1 Request an independent signature test of a sample of mail-in ballot envelopes." Also, Jack Gleason thinks Our Republican Leaders Have Failed Us, but we're used to that. Jim Geraghty at NRO (cited at Haut Hair) wonders What exactly was the point of the Cochise County stunt?  "It didn’t change any election results, embarrassed the county, and may well cost the county’s taxpayers more in legal fees." Well, Cochise lost his war, but does anybody remember the name of who beat him? At JTN, Georgia man receives 25-year sentence for voter fraud in 2021 Senate runoff election. "Resident forged a signature after receiving ballot by mistake."

At Insty, SAY ANYTHING: Janet Yellen blames Americans’ ‘splurging’ for record-high inflation. "In other words, “Don’t blame us for conjuring trillions of dollars out of thin air and then giving it away. It’s your fault for spending it.”" At Da Wire, Top Commodities Regulator Tells Senators He Met With Sam Bankman-Fried 10 Times, and didn't smell something fishy? Grabien, hosted at Haut Hair has a fun Flashback supercut: CNBC used to be pretty stoked about Bankman-Fried. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.02.22,Transterrestrial Musings: The Media Treats The Fraudster With Kid Gloves,

The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great calls the Oath Keepers Verdict A Dangerous Escalation in Criminalizing Dissent "New ground is set with every egregious indictment and conviction with dire consequences for the future of political speech and activity."
The indictment was preposterous on its face, something only a grand jury seated in the most Democratic city in the country could countenance. None faced a weapons charge, raising the natural question of how a group of military veterans, most suffering various degrees of service-related disabilities, planned to overtake the government “by force” without a single firearm or explosive device. Despite constant talk in the media about the Oath Keepers’ quick reaction force, individuals who brought weapons with them on the drive to Washington left them behind in a Virginia hotel—legally—so as to not violate the city’s strict gun control laws. . . .Some militia.

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.02.22, The Lid, McCarthy Tells J6 Committee He’s Coming After Them When GOP Takes Over.  At the College Fix, Juvenile bomb-threat caller never posed credible danger to HBCUs, but FBI refused to say so until after midterms

Ace notes Another Hoax: Treasury Finds No Evidence of Political Retribution in Audits of James Comey and Andrew McCabe "They were chosen for audits by random selection by a computer, as is normal, and as people told them and the various Democrat conspiracy theorists of BlueAnon."

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