Friday, December 16, 2022

Maryland, My Maryland

From the Post Millennial, Maryland teacher gives tips on how to keep students' gender identity secret from parents

A Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) teacher recently made a video advising teachers on how to create an inclusive classroom in which she recommends asking all students for their names and pronouns at the start of term and stresses the importance of asking if the information students give can be shared with their parents.

Sarah Forman, a teacher at Montgomery Blair High School in Maryland, explains in the video that one way to make sure students’ pronouns are respected is to give a class survey on the first day, asking students for their legal name and then what name they would like to be called in the classroom. Forman emphasized that it is “really important to follow those up with questions such as, can I share this information with your caretakers?”
That's what I would expect from Monkey County. 


  1. Absolutely has no business being a teacher. Turn societal norms on their heads, confuse the kids, and subvert parental rights.

  2. I look forward to reading of its demise as soon as possible.