Monday, December 5, 2022

Flotsam and Jetsam: Musk Plans More

At NewsMax, Musk Vows 'More Smoking Guns' to Come in Twitter Exposé. Good, because, while his recent revelations were important, they only really confirmed what we knew was happening all along, Twitter was censoring people, predominantly conservatives, at the instigation of political actors, party officials, as well as governmental agencies. Howie Carr at the BH,  Newly liberated Twitter blows lid off Democrat tainting of 2020 election From ET, ‘If I Commit Suicide, It’s Not Real’: Elon Musk Addresses Speculations About His Mental Health. I hope he's just kidding. SLAY, Elon Musk: ‘New York Times Has Become an Unregistered Lobbying Firm for Far-Left Politicians.’ NYT finally gets around to publishing something about it, and Althouse ain't impressed, it's just a "Republican Pounced" thing, The New York Times finally put up a story about the Twitter files. (Really, it's a story about the reaction to the release of the files.) "The Times wanted their own access to the original materials and didn't get it. Musk insists that they take it second-hand as filtered through Taibbi. Come play on my media landscape. The Times didn't want to do it. The real media landscape is the one they have shaped and worked over all the long decades." 

Nick Arama at Red State, Katie Hobbs' Office Raising Eyebrows Over Allegations of Twitter Censorship and Threats to Election OfficialsChristina Bobb@christina_bobb  "Unreal! Katie Hobbs’s office contacts Twitter to have posts removed! So, the democrat candidate, who ran the AZ election, censored her political opponents, disrupted Election Day votes, and then threatened counties with prosecution if they didn’t declare her the winner."

Blaze, Leftist heads explode over Elon Musk's release of 'The Twitter Files,' journalist Matt Taibbi attacked: 'Selling your soul for the richest white nationalist on Earth'. Nick Arama at Red State, The Media Reaction to the Twitter Files Release: the Cover-Up of the Cover-Up. Twitchy sees The liars have chosen a new narrative: ‘revenge porn’, addiction struggles, and junk pics, OH MY, and Miranda Devine ENDS smug NPR journo scoffing at Hunter Biden story in heated back and forth. David Strom at Haut Hair finds Reporters against reportingJames Lindsay, defeating the groomers @ ConceptualJames, "Leftists and especially "journalists" are bots or scripts with pre-prepared talking points like "PR" and "richest man." See for yourself. This is how the Regime works. It's a big performance to get people to follow their script. It's reflexive hyperreality." In Impossible things before breakfast. Althouse initially failed to get Matt Yglesias' sarcasm about the "death" of Twitter, a Tweet, Matthew Yglesias@mattyglesias "It’s too bad Twitter ceased to exist several weeks ago when those layoffs happened and everyone shifted to Mastodon; I used to like posting there." At the Babylon Bee, Democrats Vow To Find New Social Platform That Will Censor The News About What They Did On Twitter "We really can't let news about us censoring citizens get out there uncensored," said Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer. "The blowback would be severe and would require escalating to Defcon 3 censorship. I'm told that's pretty bad." As Sarah Arnold at Town Hall notes Only One Democrat Was Concerned With Ethical Issues Regarding Twitter's Suppression of Hunter Biden Story, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif).

Kevin McCullough at Town Hall claims The Great Meltdown Is Just Beginning. "As Twitter’s new CEO took to his own platform and with tremendous transparency admitted the attempt at collusion with Democratic hacks—openly stating that Twitter attempted to interfere in the election—faces of Democrats went pale. No one expected to ever get caught." At Stream, Elon Musk’s Twitter Reckoning Exposes a Nation Dying of Autoimmune Disease. "Musk showed us that, by 2020, Twitter had gone from a free speech space to a prime tool for coercion and thought control, in coordination with our country’s degenerate ruling class and corrupt secret police. Social media in America are no freer than the newspapers in North Korea, or the Internet in Iran." Joe Weber at JTN, Musk says Twitter under his leadership will put pressure on mainstream media to be more truthful "The new Twitter, Musk says, will give users an "unfiltered narrative" and allow them, through tweets, to have a say in what is the story." No wonder they're running scared. Breitbart cites Comer: Every Twitter Employee Involved in Squelching Hunter Laptop Story Will Testify Before Congress. Really, they have enough time? Brad Slager at Red State sees More Federal Issues for Twitter as FEC Commissioner Reveals Filing Denying It Worked With Democrats. Jonathon Turley plays Six Degrees from James Baker: A Familiar Figure Reemerges With the Release of the Twitter Files "None of these means that Baker was the driving force of the scandals. To the contrary, Baker earned his bones in Washington as a facilitator, a reliable ally when it came to the business of the Beltway. It is hardly a surprise that Baker found a home at Twitter where “caution” was always “warranted” in dealing with potentially damaging stories for Democratic interests."

Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lara Trump
John Hinderacker at Power Line thinks Trump is finished, due to his over-the-top reaction to the Twitter releases. "Trump is now operating at a Kanye West level of insanity. “Terminate” the Constitution’s rules and retrospectively declare him the winner of the 2020 presidential contest? Who, exactly, would do that? This is completely nuts. I am seriously beginning to wonder whether Trump is a paid operative of the Democratic Party." I think Trump is following his usual pattern of hyperbole, pointing out that it doesn't work if only one side follows the rules. At WaEx, WATCH as Pence bursts into laughter when asked about joining Trump's 2024 ticket. I don't think he expects to be asked. K.T. at Haut Hair observes Fox News Channel gives Lara Trump the axe over father-in-law's candidacy. Fair enough; they did the same to Kimberly Guilfoyle when she when she became engaged to Don Jr. On the other hand, the other networks do not hesitate to hire the spouses of big name Democrats, and then fail to inform you of the connection.

Paul Bendard at WaEx, in the White House Report Card: Jobs and lobster offset by collusion tweets. This week’s White House Report Card finds President Joe Biden had a pretty good week until late Friday when Elon Musk’s Twitter sent several shots across the bow. Politico notes he doesn't sell well, Joe Biden, Bookstore Poison. "Readers are steering clear. So are publishers. For the book industry, “it’s a black hole.” Nick Arama at Red State observes Biden's Problem With Numbers Gets Worse, Twitter Nails Him With Two Fact Checks. His connection to the facts has always been a little iffy. 

From PJ Media Matt Margolis reminds us One House Seat Remains to Be Called, but It's Already Over. Boebert's seat goes to mandatory recount, but her opponent has already conceded. At RCP, the Weber bros tell Democrats, Stop Patting Yourselves on the Back ". . . Republicans should have been trounced at the polls. Instead, they received a limp slap on the wrist, and gained control of the House." At Mediaite, George Stephanopoulos Confronts Hakeem Jeffries About Calling Trump an Illegitimate President: ‘You Did Say’ That. Good for him. WaEx observed that thanks to the midterms Manchin could be just days away from losing his Senate power. No longer the swing vote. I know how he could get it back though . . . News Busters is amused that Politico DROPPED Obsession with Paul Pelosi Attack After Election Was Over, no longer any fun blaming Republicans. 

Da Hill, aghast that McCarthy indicates Republicans plan to investigate Jan. 6 panel

WSJ, cited at Haut Hair, SBF: I have no idea what happened to billion$ that passed between my own two firms. But Elon does, at Da Mail, Elon Musk claims disgraced FTX crypto exchange CEO Sam Bankman-Fried donated more than $1b to Democrats and asks 'Where did it go?' I hope he has the receipts. Will Manidis@WillManidis, "SBF donating $40m to not go to jail for stealing $10b+ is one of the highest ROI trades of all time." At ET, DOJ Watchdog Urges Probe Into FTX Collapse Amid ‘Serious Allegations of Fraud, Dishonesty, Incompetence’

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Mrs. Verlander Goes To New York ready on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

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